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Super Bowl 2016

Super Bowl 2016 is right around the corner and that means only one thing: Super Bowl Party! Your Super Bowl party should never just be about having the right food or cocktails, it should be all about the viewing experience… so whether you are ready or not, Super Bowl is almost here… is your home entertainment system Super Bowl Party ready?

Super Bowl is one of the most-watched TV programs year after year, with millions of people tuning in to watch it worldwide… so ask yourself this question: How can you step up your viewing experience for the up and coming Super Bowl Sunday Game?

So, if you are thinking about making an upgrade to your home entertainment system before Super Bowl Sunday’s big game… Just imagine how great it would be to have the ultimate viewing experience! So go ahead and add a 4K TV, get that surround sound system you always dreamed of… and if you are really serious about hosting the ultimate Super Bowl Party think about what your friends would say if you had an outdoor entertainment system that rocked their world!

The truth is, without the latest and most up-to-date home entertainment system you might be missing the most important detail one that can make a Super Bowl Party a PARTY!

With this in mind we offer you some insight on taking your Super Bowl experience to the next level…


Home Entertainment Systems

Watching the Game: 4K TVs

If you seek the best picture possible then you may want to consider a 4K TV. Though Super Bowl 2016 may not be broadcast in 4K, your Super Bowl viewing experience can still be enhanced with the right 4K TV.

Buying a 4K TV can be somewhat overwhelming when you consider the choices available today. What is more, is the amount of 4K TV manufactures that have entered the market each offering something different… only adding to the confusion. So, in your pursuit to find the best 4K TV we offer you our list of the best 4K TVs on the market today.

Each 4K TV we have listed were designed with one thing in mind… improve and or upscale lower resolution media and deliver the ultimate viewing experience


Samsung 4K SUHD TV

The 4K-resolution delivered by a Samsung SUHD 4K TVs is unreal. Samsung’s 4K TVs redefines the experience of watching TV! Samsung’s 4K technology introduces a new category of 4K TVs. The SUHD delivers dramatic colors, deep contrasts, extraordinary brightness, and visual resolution that far out weighs most.

Samsung’s 4K technology reveals a more true-to-life picture using a wider range of colors coupled with improved contrast they call it… Nano Crystal Technology. Samsung’s 4K SUHD TVs feature upscaling, which means that your lower resolution media will be transformed into unbelievable near ultra high-definition experiences. With the Samsung 4K SUHD TV, you will experience a greater sense of depth with their optimized 4K technology!

Sony XBR 4K TV

Sony XBR, 4K Ultra HD

Sony has produced the thinnest 4K TV ever! With a 4.9mm thinness and sheer functional beauty, Sony’s edge-coating technology allows your display to disappear by appearing flushed with the surface. Sony’s 4K TV includes a chip that changes everything.

With Sony’s powerful 4K processor (X1) your picture quality will be stunning no matter what you are watching. Every source is analyzed and then upscaled to the very best 4K resolution possible… so whether you are watching broadcast TV, Blu-ray DVD, 4K Internet Videos or Netflix you can be assured your images will have stunning clarity, lifelike color and true to life sparkling contrasts.

Samsung SUHD JS9500

Experience the Curve

Immerse yourself into the Action of the Game

Samsung SUHD JS9500, JS9100 & JS9000

Experience a breakthrough in viewing with the Samsung 4K SUHD TV. Get drawn into the action of every touch down with an immersive curved screen that reveals up to 64X greater color expression than conventional HD/UHD TVs.

WARNING: this new category of TVs is ONLY for the serious Super Bowl Party Hosts.


Get drawn into the action of every football game with Samsung’s state-of-the-art curved screen. Samsung’s Curved Panel delivers an immersive picture experience with off-angle viewing, making any seat the best seat in the house. Feel the action of every football game with improved black levels and brightness in just the right areas. The Samsung 9000 series curved 4K TV delivers the greatest moving picture resolution at Motion Rate 240 and an incomparable refresh rate, processing speed, and backlight technology.

Start enjoying Sunday games the way they were meant to be enjoyed… with the Octa-Core Processor your games, media and entertainment will be lightning speed. The Samsung 9000 series Curved 4K TV has the highest grade processing chip and includes a Peak Illuminator Pro… making the colors in your games pop with such detail you won’t be able to take your eyes off your new 4K TV!

Home Entertainment Systems

Hearing the Game: Surround Sound or Sound Bar

To achieve the best sound experience for the up and coming Super Bowl 2016 Game, there are a few ways you can achieve this. Depending on the size of your room and the level of retrofitting you want to do the sound systems we cover will amplify your sound experience no matter which one you choose. So, whether you go with a full surround sound system or opt for a sound bar, each sound system delivers all the sound you need without sacrificing a thing!




Amplifying the Experience

Experience Super Bowl 2016 with Surround Sound

AV Receiver

Marantz, NR1504

Amplify your Super Bowl Sunday with a Marantz NR1504 AV receiver. The Marantz NR1504 is a powerful 5-channel home theater receiver that uses an acoustic measurement and correction system plus high-def upscaling to deliver the highest quality sound 4K technology has to offer. The Marantz NR1504 features a slim-line body and networking capabilities that will allow you to enjoy free internet radio as well as all of your favorite streaming music channels like Pandora®, Spotify®, SiriusXM™ and more.

Surround Sound Speakers

Episode Signature Speakers 1300 Series

Expand the sound of Sunday’s game with home cinema speakers from Episode. Episode’s 1300 series speakers feature forward-set woofers to deliver a powerful punch to your bass, an adjustable silk dome tweeter which will allow you to direct sound where you want it, an elliptical tweeter to evenly spread your frequencies to wider range and a one-piece thin-bezel grille that keeps your speakers where they belong… out of sight. The premium speaker design in the Episode 1300 series line of speakers delivers clear natural acoustics and performance that will make your 4K gaming system ROCK!


Amplifying the Experience

Experience Super Bowl 2016 with a Sound Bar

Episode® 500 Series 3-Channel Passive Soundbar

Episode® 500 Series 3-Channel Passive Soundbar for TV’s from 46 to 52 in… When performance is a priority, this soundbar has you covered. Its slim design pairs perfectly with 46-in. to 52-in flat panel TVs, offering exceptional sound that does not clutter the wall with a bunch of speakers. Featuring a thin aluminum cabinet with 4-in. drivers and 1-in. titanium tweeters, it delivers a robust, high-quality sound customers are sure to love. We even included a low-profile mounting bracket and kickstand for easy installs on a wall or cabinet.


Amplify, your Home Entertainment

With an Outdoor Entertainment System

When it is time to move the Super Bowl Party outside what are your options? Making a seamless connection from the indoors to the outdoors can only be achieved one way… with the right outdoor speaker system, flat screen TV or a screen and a projector your home will be the life of the party! So, if you are looking to create the same great Super Bowl Sunday experience in your backyard, an outdoor entertainment system will get you there.

Depending on budget, where your home is and how much space you have to work with… the design of your outdoor space can be different when you consider these things. For smaller covered spaces there are specially designed outdoor TVs that pack high-definition video into a weather resistant, case. An outdoor home entertainment should include a 5.1 surround sound optimally placed for immersive sound, and the right audio video equipment.

Outdoor Sound System

Episode® Landscape Series

The Episode® Landscape Series is a complete outdoor sound system will bring your games to life… The outdoor speaker system will add just the right level of entertainment to your outdoor living space… your new speakers will blend seamlessly into your outdoor living environment proving you with maximum performance and minimal visual interference.

The Episode® Landscape Series line features four and six inch speaker models, mounting accessories, and a burial subwoofer. The Episode® Landscape Speaker Kits four premium 4” or 6” two-way speakers fueled by a powerful two-channel Crown® amplifier for the highest quality performance.

Episode® Landscape Speaker Kit

Amplify your sound field with an Episode® Landscape Speaker Kit. The Episode® Landscape Speaker Kit will deliver the highest quality sound that is not only powerful it also features sound so stunning, you won’t believe your ears… The Episode® Landscape Speaker Kit features four premium 4” or 6” two-way speakers fueled by a powerful two-channel Crown® amplifier for the highest quality performance.

The two-channel Crown® amplifier features 1,000 watts of power and custom DSP settings. The two-channel Crown® amplifier includes pre-programmed EQ settings, customizable DSP settings and is so versatile you can use both channels at 70V or run one channel at 70V and the other at a 2 ohm load. Whichever setting you choose you can be assured that this amplifier will deliver the highest quality sound you have ever heard from an outdoor speaker system.


Episode® Landscape Series Burial Subwoofer

Looking for earthshaking sound? Increase your bass by adding an Episode® Series Burial Subwoofer… This subwoofer will add just the right amount of kick and deliver the type of earthshaking performance that will leave you speechless. It’s time you felt your music instead of just listening to it… The Episode® Series Burial Subwoofer features a powerful punch and is made fully weatherproof with its tough HDPVC enclosure and a hidden 10” mica-filled polypropylene cone. The speaker terminals each come with a protective rubber boot and feature adjustable feet perfect for permanent mounting.

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Getting your Home Entertainment System Game Day Ready

Retrofitting your Home for Super Bowl Sunday’s Game

The key to a successful home entertainment update project is working with the right company. Retrofitting older homes with the latest in integrated home technology can be done. Wires can be routed through attics or walls, and when necessary wires and cables can be run along the exterior of a home. Retrofit installations require thinking outside of the box. The type of thinking that sees beyond the missing wire and the low vaulted ceilings in your attic. When you are ready to add security, a home theater, surround sound, or automation to your older home call Shultz Audio Video, they are well versed in rough-ins and trim-out tasks and retrofit installations.

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