Microsoft Front Row 21:9

In today’s fast-paced business environment, efficient conference rooms are crucial for productivity and collaboration. Today, businesses need to create a collaborative environment that enables people to work together effectively, regardless of their location. With the Microsoft Front Row layout, businesses can maximize the meeting experience for both in-person and remote participants to give people a greater sense of connection. Microsoft Front Row is a video conferencing solution that allows you to see people, content, and chat all at once making collaboration easier.

Visually, the layout moves the video gallery to the bottom of the screen. And, it is fixed at a specific ratio to keep faces lifelike in size. The Microsoft Front Row layout enables in-room participants to virtually connect with remote colleagues face to face, as if they were all in the same room. The layout also ensures comfortable viewing for everyone, creating an environment that’s more conducive to collaboration and engagement. With Microsoft front row, you maximize screen real estate enabling you to see both people, content, and chat simultaneously.

Why is 21:9 Aspect Ratio Important for Video Conferencing?

21:9 means more pixels, and more pixels means more space. To put things into perspective, a regular screen has a ratio of 16:9, while an ultra wide display has an aspect ratio of 21:9. With the extra space, you can open two more windows side by side. Beneficial for productivity tasks due to the additional horizontal space that is available. With the digital real estate 21:9 provides, you have more screen real estate for your spreadsheets and applications.

What is Screen Real Estate?

Screen real estate refers to the amount of space available on the screen for displaying content. In video conferencing, screen real estate plays a vital role in enhancing the overall experience. One of the primary reasons why screen real estate is important in video conferencing is because it allows for clear communication. When participants are able to see each other clearly on a larger screen, it enhances the communication experience. It helps to create a more immersive environment, where participants can feel as if they are in the same room. This is especially important in situations where non-verbal cues are important for effective communication.


Another reason why screen real estate is important in video conferencing is because it allows for multitasking. In many video conferencing scenarios, participants need to share their screens or access other applications while on the call. Having a larger screen allows participants to do this more effectively, without having to switch between multiple windows. This can save time and increase productivity during the call. 

Participant Engagement

Finally, having more screen real estate can increase participant engagement during the call. By having a larger screen, participants are more likely to stay focused on the call and not get distracted by other applications or notifications. This can lead to a more productive call and better outcomes. Additionally, having more screen real estate can also allow for more creative and engaging presentations, which can help to keep participants engaged and interested throughout the call.

Conference Room AV Installation San Diego

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