Conference Room Technology

Projecting an aura of confidence and competence is tough when you try to launch a video conference and can’t make the system work. Today, conference room technology is more important than ever. Especially when you consider the fact that more and more people are working remotely. Aside from this, outdated technology can make your business appear to be out of touch. The point is, virtual meetings are the norm for now. So, you’ll need the right conference room technology to communicate with remote employees or hold virtual meetings with clients. Because without it, you run the risk of lost time and lower engagement.

Fact: 67% of employees report that more than half of the virtual meetings they attend are not of value. Key reasons are late start times.

What Can Go Wrong in a Virtual Meeting?

After working hard to land a meeting with a potential client, you can run into trouble joining it. Whether it’s a download issue or a firewall problem, little issues like this can be devastating. Another scenario, your meeting starts but is plagued by lags, bad resolution, or poor audio quality. Or the audio and video are working, but your client can’t see your screen. From bandwidth issues to not having a strong enough WiFi signal, common video conferencing problems can be avoided altogether with the right technology. With this in mind, we list some of the most common video conferencing problems below.

Most Common Video Conferencing Problems:

  • Download required to join the meeting
  • Firewall or incompatible browser blocking the use of conferencing software
  • Trouble joining the meeting
  • Problems with technology and/or equipment
  • Screen sharing is slow and lags
  • Technical glitches due to insufficient bandwidth
  • Poor audio and video quality issues
  • Software is too confusing/complex to use
  • Background noise issues

Technology to Improve Your Conference Room: Barco ClickShare

In many workplaces, simply walking over to a coworker’s cubicle has become impossible. That’s because many of them now work from home. When you invest meeting room technology that connects with the tools your team already uses, it actually makes things easier. The Barco Clickshare wireless presentation system is proving to be the easiest way for our business clients to simplify conference room technology. In fact, it plugs into user-friendliness! With a single click you can share what’s on your laptop, tablet or mobile devices bringing ideas, people and content together.

Gone are the days with cable struggles to share from your laptop in a Microsoft Teams or Zoom Room. And, gone is the mess of having a hard time connecting your laptop to the conference room system. With ClickShare Present, you can share presentations in an easy, user-friendly and hassle-free way. And the best part is, you can do it without having to fiddle around with wires, cables and adapters.

Simple, easy and wireless, that’s how ClickShare wireless conferencing system shares your apps on the room display and connects them to the camera, mic and speakers in the room for better hybrid meetings. In-room users use and control their video conferencing platforms and meeting room tech like sound bar, camera and display, all from their own laptop with ClickShare Conference. As a result, it makes connection and collaboration better for both in-room and remote meeting participants.

The Benefits:

  • WIRELESS: No cables
  • EASY: No software needed and no touch panels to control
  • HYBRID: Engage in-office and remote participants
  • AGNOSTIC: Works with your laptop, your conferencing solutions (UC) and a broad range of USB peripherals
  • FLEXIBLE: Integrates with pre-existing meeting room solutions and allows new tech to be added effortlessly.

Conference Room AV Installation San Diego

Being able to speak with anyone around the world through a virtual meeting is incredible. But, frequent problems with video conferencing can be a pain if you don’t have the right conference room technology. That’s where we come in! Whether you’re dealing with poor mic pickup, hard to use equipment or have a hard time figuring out which cables to connect, getting from point A to B is not always easy. Let us help you bring your conference room technology up-to-date with a professional commercial AV installation. Contact us at (760) 505-7461 to a complimentary system assessment.