Outdoor Landscape Speakers

Outdoor Landscape Speakers

Outdoor landscape speakers can vary greatly in both sound and quality. From waterproof to weather resistant, building a hi-fi outdoor audio system starts with choosing the right outdoor speakers. For those seeking a high fidelity audio experience anywhere around their home, understanding the process of choosing the right outdoor speakers can save you time and money.

Outdoor audio systems need to be tough enough to handle whatever the environment dishes out. That said, outdoor speakers should be aesthetically pleasing, while having the ability to deliver high quality sound no matter what size your outdoor space is. With this in mind, we offer you some insight into choosing the best outdoor speakers.

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The Best Outdoor Speakers

The best outdoor speakers are ones that are heard not seen. Outdoor speakers must be built to withstand the weather. Mother Nature can be brutal, which is why you need to make sure the outdoor speakers have been constructed with durable materials, and designed to stand up to the harshest elements. Vital to your outdoor entertainment experience are a few things one must consider when choosing the best outdoor speakers:

  • Construction: outdoor speakers are subject to all kinds of environmental conditions, wind, rain, dust, heat, frost, and erosion. Outdoor speakers should have
    • Heavy-duty components
    • Tough exteriors
    • And should be tested to withstand environmental conditions like the ones mentioned above
  • Sound Environment & Space: understanding the outdoor environment and the space where speakers will be placed
    • Small open spaces
    • Large outdoor environments
    • The size of your outdoor space will have an impact on what you need
  • Placement: outdoor speaker placement is important for making sure your sound is seamless no matter where you are in your backyard
    • Even coverage is key so consider the following
      • How many speakers will you have, and where will you place them
      • Do you need an amplifier to power them
      • Do you need a subwoofer and if so, where will you place it
  • Wiring: the wiring of your outdoor speakers will have an impact on aesthetics. So, you must consider
    • The Type of wire you will use which include
      • Copper
      • Oxygen-free copper
      • Silver
      • Stranded
      • Flat
      • Burial
  • Product/Brand: outdoor speaker products range from cheaply made outdoor speakers to high-quality even coverage hi-fi experiences
    • If you are going to invest your money in an outdoor audio system
    • Choose your outdoor speakers wisely
  • Design: outdoor speakers invariably form a part of your home, so it’s crucial to realize
    • Outdoor speakers should be heard not seen
    • Outdoor landscape speakers are not the same
    • Products will vary GREATLY in both sound and quality
    • Make sure you understand what you are purchasing
    • Consider asking for a demo so you can hear the sound quality before you buy
      • Important to make note of: Shultz Audio Video will come to your home and set up a demo in your backyard
      • This is key if you want to ensure you have spent your money wisely
      • And, not to mention, what could be better than a real live demo
      • This gives you the opportunity to hear exactly what your system would sound like
      • There is no better way to know you are making the right investment, than to experience it first hand
  • Use: ask yourself, will you listen to music only, what type, or watch movies and listen to music
    • Understanding how you will use your outdoor speakers is important
    • It will have an impact on speaker placement
    • The amount of speakers you will need
    • And, if a subwoofer and amp need to be added to power your system
      • Important to make note of: Shultz Audio Video has complete outdoor speaker kits
      • The Episode Landscape Series Speaker Kits come in a variety of sizes but what’s important to point out is the fact that each come with a set of speakers and an amp
      • No need to worry about powering your speakers, it is included in a packaged price
  • Installation Contractor: who you use is important
    • Enlisting the services of a company
    • Who understands outdoor entertainment system design and installation
    • Is a wise and important investment

From thunderstorms, to the ocean air your outdoor audio system should be built to last.

Premium sound tailor-made to fit your space…

Episode Landscape Speakers

Rock the Backyard

Episode Landscape Speakers A complete sound system that brings music to life, the Episode® Landscape Series is the perfect addition to any outdoor space. Attractive speakers blend seamlessly into the environment, providing maximum performance and minimum visual interference, while a Crown® amplifier and burial subwoofer add some serious power. Whether you’re playing soft, background tunes or rocking out for a party, this professional grade system will have you smiling the whole time you’re listening.


Built specifically to provide powerful sound for every occasion, the Episode® Landscape Series adds instant excitement to the outdoors. Top-quality speakers, a powerhouse Crown® 1,000 watt amplifier, and a beefy burial subwoofer enable this system to hit all the high notes and provide deep, robust sound to evenly cover any space.


Outdoor speakers designed to be heard, not seen. These aesthetically pleasing models blend right into your outdoor space without missing a beat. Whether mounted on the ground, in a tree, or under an eave, they deliver top-notch audio without drawing attention to themselves.


No matter what size your outdoor space is, this family of products can be customized to fit – providing power, precision and the perfect amount of punch. From small backyards to large outdoor patios, you’ll get exceptional sound across the entire area.


Outdoor systems need to be tough enough to handle whatever the environment dishes out. That’s why Episode® Landscape Series products are designed with heavy-duty components and tough exteriors. They’ve been tested in extreme temperatures and are sure to keep performing exceptionally for years to come.

Episode Landscape Series Burial Subwoofer

Bring the Boom to the Backyard

The perfect complement to Episode Landscape Series Speakers, a burial subwoofer packs a punch and adds some serious power to your system. Available in three woofer sizes and equipped with premium components like a Mica-filled polypropylene woofer and computer-optimized port, it delivers deep, pounding bass and hits all the low notes. If your space doesn’t lend itself to a buried subwoofer, have no fear. The Episode Landscape Series Hardscape Subwoofer can bring earthshaking bass from above the ground. When installed on your deck or patio, this sub kicks your outdoor parties up a notch.

Episode Crown® amplifier

Power Up

Get premium performance for even the largest outdoor speaker systems with a Crown® amplifier. Preconfigured DSP settings ensure this amp pairs perfectly with your Episode® system. It even supports hybrid 70V/8-ohm systems, making it among the most versatile amps available. Available in 1,000W and 2,000W options, this two-channel amp delivers exceptional performance to spaces both big and small. With multiple output configurations, you’ll get optimal sound in any situation – no matter the size and system, you choose.

Own the Outdoors…

Need Help Building your Outdoor Entertainment System?

San Diego is the perfect place to enjoy an audio video system from the comfort of your own backyard. It’s time to take your entertainment, outdoors! With audio delivered by Episode Landscape Speakers and video delivered by a SunBriteTV, you’ll create a complete outdoor entertainment system that you can be proud of. So, grab some speakers a TV, and your sunglasses, and take your first step to owning the outdoors. Let Shultz Audio Video make your outdoor living space the place meant for having fun.

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