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Outdoor Home Audio System

San Diego are you looking a home audio systemĀ that gives you endless audio video choices. Whether youā€™re an audio buff, movie lover or a gamerā€¦ life is more enjoyable when the right music or visuals fill the air. Imagine listening to your favorite songs anywhere in your home. With the right outdoor speakers everything you listen to turns intoĀ an experience! So, if you love your music and want to bring your entertainment outdoors, we offer some insight on how to do that here.

Building the Ultimate Outdoor Audio System:Ā Outdoor Speakers

Outdoor speakers can transform your outdoor space into one that your family will enjoy. In fact, they’ll enjoy it so much, you might find yourself going outdoors more than you ever have. With the right outdoor home audio system you can turn a common outdoor living space into one that everyone can enjoy. So, ifĀ music or entertaining is a part of your lifestyle, adding an outdoor speaker system may be just what you are looking for.

Outdoor Speaker Systems

Entertaining guests? When it is time to move the party outside what are your options? Making a seamless connection from the indoors to the outdoors can only be achieved one way, with outdoor speakers. In fact, with the right outdoor speaker system your home will be the life of the party! So, whether you are looking to create some ambiance with background music or looking to rock your backyard, an outdoor speaker system will get you there. With this in mind, we offer some insight on how to do that.

EpisodeĀ® Landscape Series

A new era of outdoor audio is hereā€¦ The Episode Landscape Series is a complete outdoor sound system that brings your music to lifeā€¦ The outdoor speaker system will add just the right level of entertainment to your outdoor living spaceā€¦ your new speakers will blend seamlessly into your outdoor living environment proving you with maximum performance and minimal visual interference.Ā The EpisodeĀ® Landscape Series line features four and six inch speaker models, mounting accessories, and a burial subwoofer. The EpisodeĀ® Landscape Speaker Kits four premium 4ā€ or 6ā€ two-way speakers fueled by a powerful two-channel CrownĀ® amplifier for the highest quality performance.

EpisodeĀ® Landscape Speaker Kit

Amplify your sound field with an EpisodeĀ® Landscape Speaker Kit. This outdoor speaker system will deliver the highest quality sound that is powerful and stunning. The EpisodeĀ® Landscape Speaker Kit features four premium 4ā€ or 6ā€ two-way speakers fueled by a powerful two-channel CrownĀ® amplifier for the highest quality performance.

The two-channel CrownĀ® amplifier features 1,000 watts of power and custom DSP settings. The two-channel CrownĀ® amplifier includes pre-programmed EQ settings, customizable DSP settings and is so versatile you can use both channels at 70V or run one channel at 70V and the other at a 2 ohm load. Whichever setting you choose you can be assured that this amplifier will deliver the highest quality sound you have ever heard from an outdoor speaker system.


EpisodeĀ® Landscape Series Burial Subwoofer

Looking for earthshaking sound? Increase your bass by adding an EpisodeĀ® Series Burial Subwooferā€¦ This subwoofer will add just the right amount of kick. Itā€™s time you felt your music instead of just listening to it.Ā The speaker terminals each come with a protective rubber boot and feature adjustable feet perfect for permanent mounting.

Bring your Outdoor Living Space to LIFE today!

Outdoor Audio System Installation Contractor

At Shultz Audio Video, we adapt our services to each clientā€™s needs. If you need help with your home audio or outdoor audio installation or both you may want to consider calling Shultz Audio Video. They have the solutions you need to create the home entertainment system you always dreamed ofā€¦ designed for the way YOU LIVE. Need help building your Outdoor Audio System? Contact us today. We have outdoor speaker systems to fit your lifestyle and your budget!