Outdoor LED Display

Are you looking for an outdoor LED display for your rooftop bar or lounge in San Diego? Whether you want to dazzle your patrons to compliment a night out on the town with one-of-a-kind digital art or want to offer stunning cinematic experiences in an open-air setting, an outdoor LED display can help you achieve that. Although almost any business can benefit from investing in one, rooftop bars and lounges in particular have an opportunity to create a completely unique experience unlike anything their patrons have ever seen. From breathtaking visual experiences to movie nights and live streaming, an outdoor LED video display will support a range of events and diverse uses. But choosing one can be overwhelming. For the reason, we offer some insight on few things to consider.

Choosing the Correct Brightness

Choosing the correct brightness for your outdoor LED display is critical to optimizing your patron’s visual experience. That’s because a screen that is too bright will cause viewer discomfort, while a screen that is too dim will diminish the visibility of your content. Below we list a guide on selecting the right brightness:

  • 2,500 to 5,000 nits: is perfect for outdoor displays to counter daylight
  • 5,000+ nits: is ideal for outdoor displays to counter direct sunlight

Viewing Distance

Choosing the outdoor LED display depends on the viewing distance of your audience. So, you need to find the optimal viewing distance. To do this, determine the pixel pitch. The pixel pitch number indicates the distance between LEDs on the wall (in millimeters), which determines a recommendation of a minimum distance that a viewer should be to see the image. The lower the pixel pitch, the closer together the LEDs are on the display, and the closer an acceptable viewing distance can be.

Make Sure It’s Weatherproof

Depending where your display is located, it’s important to consider the environment (hot or cold temperatures, as well as in rain, snow, wind, dust or humidity). In these cases, the design of your screen and its enclosure is critical to the longevity of your investment. So, make sure to use only IP65 rated technology.

Primeview Outdoor LED Display

Primeview’s LED displays offer the highest refresh rate technology on the market. Industrial 24/7 rated LED display walls are reliable and dynamic, perfect for rooftop bars and lounges and other outdoor venues.

Outdoor LED Highlights: 

  • 3840 Hz Refresh Rate
  • 24/7 design for 100,000 Hours Lifespan
  • 4,500 NITS of High Brightness
  • IP65 Extreme Weather rating
  • Front/Rear Accessible
  • 160/120 Cinema Quality Viewing Angles

Video Wall System Design and Installation

Shultz Audio Video provides expert outdoor LED display and integration services. With years of experience, our team of outdoor LED display installation experts can help you design the best solution based on your needs and budget. Let us help you bring your outdoor venue life with a professional commercial AV installation. To get started, call (760) 505-7461. Or, use the contact form below to get a hold of us.