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Outdoor Speaker: Waterproof Speakers

An outdoor speaker that is built to last, can stand the test of time no matter what type of environment it’s in. While waterproof speakers are great for some, you must be careful you do not choose an outdoor speaker that is cheaply made. Waterproof does not equal weatherproof, not by any means. Do not confuse waterproof speakers and weatherproof speakers. That’s because waterproof and weatherproof mean two very different things.

Weatherproof Speakers

Weatherproof speakers have special parts and materials. Weatherproof speakers can take on what ever Mother Nature brings. Sure waterproof speakers when thrown in the pool might get a laugh or even an “that is cool” from a few of your friends, but that will quickly wear off as soon as they want the party to begin. The truth is, while San Diego may not get a ton of rain or snow we have an element that is harsher then both elements combined, the salty ocean air.

Just like the ocean erodes the beachfront, ocean air erodes metal surfaces which is the material most outdoor speaker cabinets are made of. So, what then is the answer for speakers outdoor? Where ultimate durability and performance are desired, a home with StingRay Speakers by Stealth Acoustics will be the home everyone talks about.


StingRay Speakers

Creating a truly environmental speaker that can take on nature’s toughest elements is no easy task. The StingRay speaker family is completely sealed with no exposed grills or drivers to corrode or break down. The SR6, SR8, or SR430 are at home in nearly any outdoor environment where ultimate durability and performance are desired.

The StingRay line of outdoor speakers are offered in a variety of styles. Finishes include matte black, matte white, and specially ordered sand or grey stone textured finishes. Want more customization? StingRay speakers can be custom painted to match any décor, so if you are into crazy colors, or simple colors, they will blend perfectly into your outdoor environment with set that is custom painted just for you.

Want a completely unique finish option, let us know you want the Image Wrap version. With Image Wrap, you can have an actual photograph of the speaker’s surroundings or even artwork laminated directly to the face of the speaker.


Outdoor Speaker Waterproof Speakers

StingRay 6

The StingRay 6 is the smallest member of the Stingray Family. This outdoor speaker provides warm natural bass crisp highs for a broad coverage pattern. And, much like the larger StingRay 8, the components are fully isolated from any intrusion of dust or moisture.

The StingRay has an unprecedented environmental protection rating of IP-68 as measured to IEC standards. StingRay is rated to be fully operable underwater for up to 64 hours! And, it can withstand rain, snow, sleet, hail, sun and dust in temperatures ranging from zero to one hundred and fifty degrees.

StingRay Speakers

StingRay 8

Stealth’s StingRay 8 environmental outdoor speaker is completely fully immune to the elements, including rain, snow, ice, or particulates. There are no grills, no openings, allowing it to even operate underwater. The StingRay 8 and has an Ingress Protection rating (IEC IP rating) of IP-68, meaning it exceeds the top standard IP rating (IP-67) and has been certified for a minimum of 64 hours underwater at 1 meter depth.

StingRay is an 8” 2-way speaker using a hybrid of traditional and innovative speaker technologies. The internal drivers are an 8” high-power cone woofer and a 30mm 25W neodymium directly coupled tweeter. Together, they energize the speaker’s unique FidelityGlasstm solid-front radiating surface to create a surprising bass response and a smooth hi-frequency output.

The impact resistant and highly durable StingRay 8 reproduces sounds from 45Hz to 18kHz, radiating all sounds equally in a near hemispherical pattern. An ASA marine-grade enclosure makes Stingray stable and fully operable from 0 to 150F degrees. With output up to 103dB, StingRay is perfect for outdoor music, outdoor theater, program, or paging applications.


StingRay Speakers

StingRay 430

The Stealth Acoustics StingRay 430™ is outdoor subwoofer speaker system that offers a powerful advantage over traditional outdoor subwoofers. That’s because this outdoor speaker does not allow dust or moisture to enter the device. As a result, it makes it perfect for any outdoor area where wide coverage and environmental durability are required.

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