Outdoor Speakers

Outdoor Audio Systems, For the More Intimate Spaces

Outdoor Speakers

The best outdoor speakers are created by Episode Speakers. A high quality set of outdoor speakers can transform an ordinary outdoor living space, into a space that breathes life into music and movies. The truth is, when it comes to listening to music or watching a movie, sound matters! That is, if you truly want to have an experience. Sound should not be ear shattering, or relatively silent, instead, sound should be distinctive. While sound if fairly straightforward in principle, the reality is, there is a difference between good sound and great sound, and an even bigger difference between good outdoor speakers and great outdoor speakers!

Make your Outdoor Living Space come to Life…

Outdoor Audio Systems

San Diego is the perfect city for year-round outdoor entertainment, which is why it makes perfect sense to make an outdoor living space, an extraordinary place! Outdoor audio systems are a perfect way for one to take advantage of San Diego’s semi-arid Mediterranean climate. Turn crisp summer nights into a movie night with friends by adding a SunBriteTV, or enjoy your favorite music with the love of your life on Valentine’s Day. Whether you want to have a glass of wine, or simply dine, not creating an outdoor living space meant for entertaining would be a crime.

Outdoor audio systems and weatherproof TVs are simply the best choice for transforming your outdoor living space into a place meant for everything. Movies as the sun goes down, music as the sun shines, there is no better way to enjoy the outdoors than having an outdoor entertainment system done right. From small spaces to big ones, Shultz Audio Video can make your space come to life. So, go ahead and bring it outdoors with the latest sound and TV for your deck, yard, or patio.

Have a Smaller Outdoor Living Space?

For the More Intimate Outdoor Living Spaces

For those with smaller spaces, think of your outdoor living space, as an intimate place. With the right outdoor speakers, romance and intimacy are at your fingertips. Make a seamless connection from the indoors to the outdoors with the right set of outdoor speakers. Want to blend sound seamlessly into your outdoor environment? With just the right sound for any occasion you can add, instant excitement to the outdoors, create ambiance, or rock your block with the right songs. Ready to make your outdoor space come to life? With a set of All-Weather, Dual-Input speakers by Episode, you will produce just the right sound, in all the right places.

Episode® All Weather Series Dual Input Speaker

Designed to produce even sound distribution on both channels for a better listening experience. The Episode® All Weather Series Dual Input Surface Mount Speakers offer remarkable value and enhanced performance to sound better than the competition, at a better price. They feature premium components, including a high temperature polypropylene cone, nomex spider, and aluminum dome tweeters. A weather-resistant, rugged build makes these speakers a smart solution for the outdoors. Use them in wide dispersion distributed audio systems, or in places where a traditional speaker just won’t work.

FACT: that the best places to entertain are ones that do not confine us…

Bring your Outdoor Living Space to LIFE today!

  • Weather Resistant: a true all-weather product
    • This speaker features polypropylene woofers for a deep, full sound and aluminum tweeters that produce crisp, clear audio in any temperature
    • Its hardware is ready to live a hard life, thanks to aluminum grills and brackets, a UV-treated, mineral-filled polypropylene cabinet, and stainless steel bolts
    • This speaker is engineered to withstand the elements
  • Quality Components: designed for optimal audio quality in wide dispersion distributed audio systems
    • This all-weather speaker features a slew of top-notch components, including a 5-1/4-inch polypropylene cone with Nomex spider
    • A high-temperature voice coil, and a 1-in. aluminum dome tweeter
    • It can operate effectively in even the harshest environments, from bitterly cold Maine winters to blazing-hot Arizona summers
  • Blends in Sound: thanks to premium components and dual voice coils for wider sound dispersion, the Episode® All Weather Series is optimized for outstanding performance, with stereo sound from a single speaker
    • Perfect for everything from easy listening on a weeknight to a party on the weekend.
  • Designed for Durability: whether it’s extreme heat, excessive moisture, or another environmental hazard, these speakers are more than up to the challenge
    • A rugged build, UV-treated casing, stainless steel hardware, and weatherproofed glue allow for optimal performance in any weather
  • Engineered for Versatility: near a pool, on a patio, or out in the yard – these all-weather speakers are versatile enough to perform in most any outdoor application

Outdoor TVs, Taking the Outdoor Experience to the Next Level…

Why Using an Outdoor TV not an Indoor TV is Important

Indoor TVs are not meant for outdoor use; in fact, indoor TV manufacturers specifically prohibit outdoor use. While this fact is true, it is not meant to scare you. However, the reality is, using an indoor TV outdoors puts you at risk of shock or electrocution. That is the truth, and the reason, simple. Indoor TV’s have an electrical hazard risk if used in any wet environment; all it takes is one good downpour or even a light mist in the morning. That said using an indoor TV outdoors puts you, your family, and your friends at risk. The last thing you want to do is expose anyone to potential safety hazards.

QUICK FACT: An outdoor TV should be designed so well that it can withstand the rigors of the untamed outdoor environment. Things to consider when purchasing an outdoor TV are the wind, rain, sun, and salty air. Each of these earthly elements can have an impact on the reliability or your outdoor TV.

It’s About Safety

While many people want to buy a cheap indoor TV for outdoor use, what they never consider are the safety hazards they present. That said elements like the salty ocean air, is perhaps the biggest reason why you should consider buying an Outdoor TV by SunBriteTV. Salty ocean air is an environmental element we see regularly in San Diego. Salty ocean air will damage an indoor TV used outdoors, and when you consider this as well as the risks associated with an indoor TV used outdoors the decision becomes obvious.

SAFETY + CHOICE: Is it worth the risk? You can either, spend money replacing your inexpensive indoor TV used outside, or expose people to the risks associated with using a TV not safe for use outdoors.

A better choice, and a wise invest is, an Outdoor TV by SunBriteTV…


SunBriteTV: Televisions Made for the Outdoors

All SunBriteTVs are water-resistant, resilient, and durable, and guaranteed to function safely and effectively in a wide variety of elements including rain, snow, extreme heat and cold, dust, salt air, and beyond. A tempered glass shield protects the LED screen in active environments, while direct-sun readable EST technology helps guard against isotropic blackout. Its powder-coated aluminum exterior shields internal components while the ultra-bright full 1080p HD / LED anti-glare screen delivers exceptional outdoor viewing quality.

Need Help Building your Outdoor Audio and Video System?

Outdoor life, it is one of the many things we love about San Diego. At home, one can enjoy nature’s beauty from the comfort of their backyard in the morning or at night. Outdoor speakers and an outdoor TV are a perfect way to enjoy all that San Diego’s weather has to offer. There is nothing that goes better with a day of fun in the sun than music and TV! Let Shultz Audio Video make your outdoor living space the place meant for having fun.

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