Oceanside Harbor Beach

Lifeguards & Junior Lifeguard Program Receive PA System

PA System

Oceanside Lifeguards & Junior Lifeguard Program get a PA System…

Whether you work at a pool or a beach, there are times where you need to project your voice over the crowd and the noise of crashing waves. From strong currents to other types of beach hazards, lifeguards need to ensure their voice messages containing critical information and potentially lifesaving directions are clearly heard and understood.

That’s because when it involves safety at the beach, communication in a few instances, is more important than anything else. For this reason, Fire Departments rely on a PA system to broadcast messages containing critical information to protect and save lives. A PA system provides instant voice communication for daily announcements and public notifications during emergency situations.

PA systems are used by the lifeguards of many beaches to warn those on the beach and in the water of possible danger helping to prevent the need for rescues and recoveries. After all, one of the most important injury-prevention strategies for lifeguards is communication. Keep in mind, not all PA systems are the same, which is why the lifeguards of Oceanside Harbor Beach turned to Shultz Audio Video for help.

Oceanside Harbor Beach is Oceanside’s largest beach. The area offers everything from volleyball and surfing to fishing and shopping. From deep-sea fishing to kayaking, the beach is a popular surfing spot, especially near the jetties. With 3.7 miles of beach to safeguard, the Oceanside Lifeguards who provide safety to the users of this coastline needed a PA system for general use as well as one that provided clear voice projection for their Junior Lifeguard Program.

Oceanside Harbor Beach Lifeguard Tower


Outdoor public address systems provide instant voice communication for daily announcements and public notifications during emergency situations.

BOSE Professional

Bose Pro’s audio innovations deliver better sound, no matter the space. Bose Professional PA systems use proprietary technologies to provide best-in-class sound coverage and portability for nearly any application. Their unique designs feature higher vocal projection and clarity, stronger output levels over distance, and consistent coverage and tonal balance. We use BOSE professional PA Systems because we know, our clients need to be heard clearly so that they can get their message across in any environment. From sandy beaches to public pools, BOSE Professional PA Systems deliver more even sound coverage and a larger stereo field, a benefit that has been confirmed in listening tests.


Needed the right PA system to provide live-voice paging from the lifeguard station for increased safety and public communication at the beach as well as voice projection during their Junior Lifeguard Program.

Outdoor PA System

For Oceanside Harbor Beach Lifeguards

The Problem

Oceanside Harbor Beach is 3.7 miles of beach and beachfront boardwalk that provide public entertainment, beach events, shopping and dining. The Oceanside Fire Department Lifeguard Division was looking for an outdoor PA system for: general and emergency warning announcements to the public, higher vocal projection and speech clarity for beach safety as well as their Junior Lifeguard Program, background music, and a system that is simple to use, easy to setup and highly portable.

The Solution

Our solution to meet the requirements of Oceanside’s lifeguards consisted of: adding two L1® Model II to provide 180 degrees of clear, even coverage throughout the entire area—even off to the extreme sides, consistent front-to-back coverage, with easy transport and setup. These portable two-way loudspeaker systems provide the best tonal balance and coverage, and highest output. Designed to work with the T8S ToneMatch® Mixer, we used one to provide additional inputs, a library of ToneMatch presets making it easy to fine-tune sound.

BOSE L1 Model II & T8S ToneMatch® Mixer


The L1 Model II unique radiation properties help them deliver more even sound coverage and a larger stereo field—a benefit that has been confirmed in listening tests. The benefits of compactness for transportation and rapid assembly can also be enjoyed.