Projector and Screen

Projector VS TV

Which Is Better?

In the Projector VS TV stand off, we can assure you the projector will win every time. And, while it is true that TVs today have some of the most amazing picture quality we have ever witnessed such as the LG OLED. There is nothing that tops the experience of watching all your favorite shows, games, or movies on a 100-inch display. Projectors are intrinsic to the traditional cinematic experience. More than just movies, there are certain experiences that you can only get with a really, really big screen. Having a larger screen can open up your world beyond just watching movies. A projector can give you a true cinema like experience at home. With a projector in your home, you literally have the same type of picture on your screen like in a Movie Theater. Moreover, watching a movie on a 100-inch or more screen with full surround sound in the comfort of your own home is an exhilarating experience.

Just think, you can take the impressive visual quality of 4K technology to its limit with a two-piece projection system that combines a 4K Ultra HD projector and a screen. See the details of your movies, TV shows, and video games with amazing, lifelike clarity. Plus, you can sit closer to the screen comfortably for a truly immersive experience. The clarity of 4K images becomes most evident when you view them on a big screen. And, projector screens like the ones Screen Innovations make can be bigger than any TV you have ever imagined! As an example, a 100-inch screen by Screen Innovations versus a 65-inch LG OLED, there is a difference of 137%. Or put simply, the 65-inch display is 2.37 times smaller than the 100-inch screen. The reality is, most people who face the projector VS TV dilemma are just looking for the best home entertainment experience. With that in mind, we offer you the pros and cons of projector VS TV.

When it comes to upgrading to a larger display, maybe it is time to consider a projector and screen as an option…

Projection Screen

Projector VS TV: PROS and CONS

Let us consider the ratio of the screen area of a 65-inch TV image to a 100-inch Projector image. The Width of a 65-inch screen is 56.65 inches and the Height 31.87 inches to give an area of 1805.34 inches². A 100-inch Projector image has a width of 87.16 inches and a height of 49.03 inches to give an Area of 4273.00 inches². Even though the difference of the diagonal size is only about 1.5 (100/65 = 1.54) the difference in the area of the two images is 2.37 (4273/1805 = 2.37). Thus you get a projector image almost 2 ½ times the size of a 65-inch TV. TVs bigger than 65-inches are very expensive, much more than a high quality Projector.

Pros & Cons Screen Size

  • Projection Screens: projection screens can be bigger than any TV you’ve imagined
  • TVs: not only will you have a hard time finding televisions over 90-inches
    • The price may be prohibitive
    • And, the weight is impractical for wall mounting
  • Most 4K projectors work with screens as large as 120-inches
    • And cost only half the price of a similar priced flat screen TV

Pros & Cons Light & Glare

  • Projector + Screen: in the past any amount of ambient light sometimes delivered less than optimal contrast
    • Making images look washed out
  • Projector Screens: using more advanced technology than traditional matte white screens
    • Combat this issue by rejecting ambient light
    • That does not come from the precise direction of the projector
    • Contrast is improved dramatically
    • You can even enjoy your 4K projector and screen with the lights on
    • Images have even better clarity than flat screen TVs
  • TVs: all flat screen TVs contain glass as part of their innate technology
  • On The Other Hand:
    • A two-piece projection system
    • Operates without the need for back lighting
    • Or glass of any kind
    • Reducing glare from light sources inside or outside the room

Projection Screens

  • Choose: a screen to fit your space
    • Projection screens can be much larger than most flat screen TV screens
    • And, are lightweight enough to hang on the wall
    • Or you can choose to install a screen that retracts
    • Into your ceiling when not in use
Projector Screens Zero-G

Projector Screens

Screen Innovations Zero-G

Say goodbye to the black mask above the viewing surface with Zero-G®, an all-new take on motorized projection screens. Think Rollable Television®. When watching the game or your favorite movie, Zero-G drops out of the case and expands at a preset location giving you a “levitating” image, suspended by cables. You paid for your view. Don’t re-arrange your room just so you can see the flat panel television. With Zero-G® you can drop your screen in front of a bay of windows, or art-deco wall where you never could have placed a flat-panel television. Your orientation is now dictated by your room, not your TV.

take back your room

Free Your TV

You have been restrained by the flat screen TV for far too long. Free your viewing experience from it’s restraints with Zero-G’s unique form factor…
Projection Screen

Projector Screens

Screen Innovations Rollable Zero Edge

Zero Edge® meets a custom, motorized, portable cassette. Solo Pro is rollable Zero Edge with 2 years on a single charge. At Solo Pro’s core is an intelligent lithium-powered motor that is capable of being recharged 500 times, lasting 2 years on a single cycle. To recharge, simply click the magnetic power cable to the cassette and you’re done. Control in the palm of your hands, or by the sound of your voice with Amazon’s Echo. MyLink™ enables automation of Solo Pro based on the astronomical clock, and scenes to engage multiple systems instantaneously. Wherever you go, take Solo with you.

Take It Camping or Use it For An Outdoor Theater


Wherever you go, take Solo with you…
Projection Screen

Projector Screens

Screen Innovations Zero Edge

The world’s first thin-bezel screen. The world’s first fixed frame screen built to be incorporated into the design of a room. The optional LED Lighting accessory adds ambience behind the screen to fully complement the room’s design and décor and to reduce eye strain for content with rapid transitions from dark to bright.

Projection Screen

Projector Screens

Screen Innovations Zero Edge Pro

With nearly any option imaginable, Zero Edge Pro can be customized for a perfect fit in your space. For the ultimate image, even in environments with ambient light, Zero Edge Pro. A slender new frame design with an integrated track system enables the use of optional LED Lighting behind the screen for added effect and to fully complement the room’s design and décor. Backlighting also dramatically helps to ease eye strain for content with rapid transitions from dark to bright.

Projection Screen

Projector Screens

Screen Innovations Transformer

The first ever projection screen that changes shape to fit your content. Screen Innovations created a screen that, quite literally, grows to the perfect ratio, matching your content. It’s like magic, and with Slate® you can now enjoy your perfect viewing experience in environments with ambient light. Whether you’re watching 16:9, 17:9, 2.40:1, or anything in-between – Transformer fits. Getting the big screen experience is one thing. Getting the big screen experience with Transformer is another thing all together. It’s an experience that truly must be seen, heard, and felt to understand. Screen Innovations created it to give people something they have never experienced before. A slender new frame design with an integrated track system enables the use of optional LED Lighting behind the screen for added effect and to fully complement the room’s design and décor. Backlighting also dramatically helps to ease eye strain for content with rapid transitions from dark to bright.

transformer grow shrink

JVC Projector D-ILA

JVC Reference Series Projector

Imagination that magnifies human senses, JVC’s e-shift is proprietary high-resolution display technology that provides clear 4K precision images. A new algorithm in e-shift5 analyzes every pixel in the original 4K signal to determine the optimal data to create the e-shift frames. This improvement is particularly noticeable in fine detail, such as very small text. All JVC projectors offer high brightness and the industry’s leading native and dynamic contrast, which are essential for proper HDR playback. A new Active Intelligent Lens Aperture is now available for HDR to let viewers enjoy the most dynamic projected HDR images ever seen.

Unlike direct view displays where screen size and brightness are specified and fixed, projectors require adjustment in order to reproduce the PQ curve adopted by HDR 10. JVC projectors handle this by offering an Auto Switching HDR Picture mode and gamma adjustment, and now on two models – the DLA-X990RBK/RS640K and DLA-X790RBK/RS540K – also offers two color profiles, one prioritizing brightness and the other prioritizing color. These can be selected to best suit the viewing environment.

To further improve the reproduction of 4K content, JVC has improved its Multiple Pixel Control by sampling all pixels in the 4K signal to deliver the smoothest, most finely detailed images from 4K content. JVC’s Low Latency Mode reduces frame delay for improved game play, and also improves the processing of high bandwidth signals, such as 4K10bit, 12bit, etc. directly without compression to ensure that the quality of the original source is preserved.

Professional Home Theater Installation & Consultation

As a custom audio/video installer, Shultz Audio Video can design and build a home theater tailored to your unique needs and budget. Whether you want a dedicated theater filled with the latest technologies such as 4k and 3D projection, 7.2-channel surround sound with chest-rattling bass or just a nice flat screen TV mounted in your living room, home automation elevates your movie viewing experience to an entirely different level. Whichever set up you choose, you will be amazed by how much more exciting movies and television shows become in a larger format.

Installing a projector system is often more complex than many people expect. To help, we will come to you with a Free In-Home Consultation. We will walk through your home to help you determine the setup that is best for you, discuss potential problems, and guide you in how to proceed. Once we have designed a home entertainment system that is right for you, our team of AV professionals will install your new system to get you up and running quick and easy.

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