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San Diego has experienced a sweltering late-summer heat wave over the last few weeks. The heat wave has brought record-breaking temperatures and humidity that’s so brutal, keeping your doors and windows open is almost impossible. Sure for most San Diegans, throwing your doors and windows open to let the breeze in makes sense… the problem with that is there has to be a breeze… to let in! The combination of heat, humidity and lack breeze has made getting comfortable at home a hard thing to do. The truth is, weather is not something any of us can control… but what you can control is the climate in your home.

If you are like most, the comfort of your home is important. Climate is a driving force that has an effect on your level of comfort. If it is too hot or too cold getting comfortable when you are home will take time depending on how long it takes to either cool down or warm up your environment. There are problems we can’t solve like the ever-changing patterns of Mother Nature and ones we can solve… like controlling the climate of your homes environment. By adding climate control to your home not only will your level of comfort dramatically improve so will the money you save on energy!

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What is Climate Control?

Climate control is a way to regulate the temperature inside your home and your energy costs. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, 56% of your home’s energy costs are spent on air conditioning, heating and ventilation (HVAC) systems. Climate control allows a homeowner to manage their heating and cooling systems through programmable thermostats.

A thermostat is a temperature-sensitive switch that controls a home’s conditioning system or single room unit such as a heater, air conditioner or both. Thermostats have basic manual functions such as setting a temperature or simply turning all systems on or off. When a temperature setting has been set and the interior temperature drops below or rises above the thermostat setting, the switch moves to the on position, and your heater or air conditioner runs to warm or cool the air in your home to the setting you selected. Important note, a thermostat must be manually adjusted to change the indoor air temperature.

Conversely, homes that have climate control have something called a smart thermostat also known as a programmable thermostat. While regular thermostats only allow you to adjust the temperature inside your home manually a smart thermostat allows you to do so much more. Programmable thermostats will allow a user to set the temperature and have it change based on the time of day… what’s more is that a smart thermostat also learns user behaviors, allows temperature to be controlled remotely, shows energy consumption in real-time and they can even adjust on their own based on ambient conditions like humidity.

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How to Control your Home’s Environment

Why go bother getting out of bed just to adjust the temperature in your home when the temperature can be controlled remotely from your smart device? Controlling your home’s environment can be programmed to a simple one-touch command. Stay calm, cool and collected with the touch of a button… the comfort of coming home can be an effortless task with climate controls at your fingertips.

So the next time you think you left your AC blasting… think of the expense or the hassle of turning back… or think about how much time and money you can save as you power on your mobile device to make sure you hit your away command… these are just a few of the features climate control can deliver.

The Benefits of Climate Control

There are many benefits that climate control delivers.

Climate Control:

  • Save on Energy Costs: Manage, monitor and control your thermostats from your smart device, with programmed climate settings the amount of money you will save on your energy will be worth the investment!
  • Set the Level of Comfort in your Home: Anywhere, anytime from any device. Coming home from work on a hot summer’s day? No problem, at the touch of a button from your mobile device you can instantly transform your homes environment… so bump up AC and enjoy the comfort of coming home to the perfect temperature set for the way you live… climate control makes beating the heat so much easier!
  • Convenience: Remember the last time it was too hot when you woke during the night? Think about the convenience of grabbing your smart phone to turn on your AC.

Climate Control and Home Automation Installation Contractor

Whether you’re building a home or enhancing an existing residence, a climate control system offers you the convenience you need to instantly transform your home’s interior. If your goal is to conserve energy, set your level of comfort, or guarantee the convenience of never having to leave your bed enlisting the services of a company who understands climate control and whole home automation is a wise and important investment.

Contact us today. We have climate control and home automation solutions to fit your lifestyle and your budget. Start living your dream today!

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Technology can make life simple… with home automation you control how your devices respond, when they should respond and why. Shultz Audio Video delivers solutions for a smart home including climate, entertainment, lighting and security. We add comfort and convenience to your lifestyle and enhance your home with technology aimed at making your life simple.

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As a provider of Climate Control and Home Automation in San Diego, Shultz Audio Video brings high value to each of our clients enabling them make their dreams come to life. By leveraging the Climate Control, AV, Home Automation, and Security Solutions our company offers… your technology will help simplify your life… not complicate it!

At Shultz Audio Video, our values drive who we are and what we do. We pride ourselves on building one-to-one relationships with each of our clients. We are passionate about providing the very best service, home technology and control solutions on the market. At Shultz Audio Video we think that technology should make life simple.

Our promise to you, to provide you with solutions that fit your needs as well as you budget, deliver the solutions that bring your ideas to life, provide you a level of service that makes you feel important because the truth is… you are!

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Project Spotlight: Updated

Shultz Audio Video is proud to announce two new 7 million dollar projects brought to you by Pacific Enterprise showcasing future proofed homes that include whole house audio, climate control with an iPad using RTi’s application, security & surveillance and prepped for future lighting and shade control.

Watch as we transform these two homes into the ultimate tech-ready homes. Each week we will update you on our projects in our weekly articles. Stay tuned for the best in what Shultz Audio Video has to offer and watch as we transform these two homes into tech-ready masterpieces!