Video Distribution for Sports Bars

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Video distribution is one of the most important elements for any restaurant or sports bar owner. The reason is simple, the longer a customer stays the more money they spend. It is simple mathematics. Distribute any number of games to every TV, and you have the perfect way for a bar or restaurant owner to provide high quality entertainment for patrons, fostering an engaging atmosphere. The sum results, you sell more food, more drinks, and promote loyalty for your establishment. In the modern world, people want entertainment wherever they go.

Prices for HDTVs are falling, while HD, sources have increased. To keep up with technology, most businesses in the restaurant and bar industry are upgrading to HD, in fact, HD is the standard no matter what you try to tell yourself. Not upgrading to HD, puts your restaurant or sports bar at risk of being marginalized as outdated or lacking innovation, and the result of an outdated system is your customers going somewhere else for dinner or drinks. Any restaurant or bar owner knows that the longer a customer stays in the establishment, the more money they are likely to spend, and one of the best ways to make that happen is via the use of HDTV.

As a business owner in one of the most highly competitive markets, the ability to watch games in a fun, immersive environment is something you simply cannot overlook. This involves TVs at every angle, with sporting events of every variety distributed throughout the space. Video distribution systems are an essential component in these spaces, providing quality entertainment from a wide range of sources to a large number of displays, the question is, how do you add this type of capability without spending a ton of money.

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Distributing HDTV at a Fraction of the Price

Once upon a time, video distribution systems in bars or restaurants were based on coaxial cabling, hard-wired mixers, and a lot of signal boosters. These systems essentially took video signal from maybe one or two games and split it repeatedly, sending the same signal to multiple TVs. And, while splitting an analog video may be an easy way to a quick fix for sending video almost anywhere you want it, it comes with a price, loss of video quality.

For those who did not want to sacrifice video quality, the bill was expensive. Existing HD video distribution solutions are often labor intensive, requiring new cabling to each display. To share an HD source with 3 HDTVs in remote locations, you might pull new component cables to each HDTV, or CAT5 cabling (with baluns to provide the appropriate connection at each end), or perhaps HDMI cabling. Each represents substantial installation effort, and the expense of a hub of some sort.

There is a better way to add high quality programming on as many screens as you would like without breaking the bank installing new wire and trying to find workarounds for compatibility issues.


Distributing Crystal Clear HD Video Over Coax

Any Source, Any Network, Unlimited Displays

Distributing HD over coaxial cabling often allows the use of existing cabling, substantially reducing labor. ZeeVee upgrades all of those fuzzy analog channels on your establishments TVs to clear digital. Keeping people entertained or engaged with top quality digital video is only the tip of the iceberg. Benefit from scalable solutions that could save you thousands in equipment costs. Best-in-class video distribution leverages a single digital infrastructure to effortlessly integrate with analog or digital sources.

Incorporate both standard and high definition signals, the Emergency Alert System (EAS) as well as ZvShow, their built-in information channel. Make a crystal clear impression by delivering high definition throughout your space on every TV. ZeeVee’s video distribution technology is a high quality solution to HD video distribution that is compatible with existing coaxial cables.

  • No need to re-wire with their single digital video infrastructure
  • Compatibility with any video source including analog, digital, SD or HD
  • Effortless implementation of their built-in information or security channel
  • DIRECTV and Dish Network approved, so you can enjoy more of your favorites

Video over RF/COAX Solutions ZvPro & HDbridge:

  • Compatible with Composite, Component, HDMI and HD-SDI video source inputs
  • Broadcast up to 134 HD channels over one Coax cable
  • 1, 2, 4 and 12 channel models available
  • Closed Captioning built in
  • Bonus information channel with extended play capability
  • Emergency Alert System integration
  • Powerful and intuitive web based management platform

ZeeVee is leading the way in developing video distribution platforms that ensure the highest quality video, on any display device, leveraging existing or new infrastructure. Developing innovative products that leverage industry standard technologies to distribute HD to Ultra-HD/4K video, ZeeVee is the only manufacturer today that can deliver multimedia content over coax, CATx, and fiber.

Commercial HD Video Distribution by Shultz Audio Video

Shultz Audio Video has SD to HD to Ultra-HD/4k video distribution systems that are both cost effective and innovative. If you are looking for the most robust HD video distribution system features for a price that won’t break the bank, we have the right cost effective solution for you.

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