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Commercial AV Installation, San Diego

Commercial AV installation and system design when done right, can create a perfect atmosphere in every area of your sports bar, restaurant, or golf & country club, with mood, lighting, and music. In the modern world, people want entertainment no matter what bar or restaurant they go to. By providing entertainment and having control over things like displaying different games or shows on any video source at anytime and controlling elements like lighting, climate, and background music, you keep guests satisfied, and increase the likelihood they will come back.

The bar and restaurant industry is extremely competitive today. Today bars and restaurants must do more then just serve great food and drinks. To stay ahead of the competition in these competitive industries, you must create an atmosphere that welcomes and engages your guests. By taking the time to develop an experience for your guests, they will stay longer, spend more money, and tell their friends about their experience. When it comes to entertaining, it is usually the little things that can make a big impact.

Exceptional entertainment is central to every sports bar; maximum comfort is the key to a restaurants success.

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Weather Proof TV

AV Installation & System Design

Sports Bars & Restaurants

Managing numerous flat screen TVs on different channels in a sports bar or restaurant is complicated. Simplifying your operation makes it easy for your team to control your AV system, lights, shades, climate, and more. By adding a control system to your bar or restaurant, you can easily switch between sources using an iPad, iPhone, iWatch, or any Android mobile device. Make it easy for your team to select which programming is viewed in each area of your bar or restaurant. Keep your guests happy and entertained by accommodating their requests quickly and easily.

Play HD video from a variety of sources on multiple flat screen TVs inside or out, and have the ability to control everything from one simple interface. Automate lighting and climate control systems to save energy, and when it is time to stop for the day, power down everything with one button. To be successful and stay successful in the bar and restaurant industry you need to touch each guest with an experience that awakens their senses from the moment they walk in.

Impress them with SunBriteTVs outside and large Ultra HD displays inside. Allow your guests to take advantage of a perfect sunny day in San Diego with weather proof TVs by SunBrite. Blow them away by the quality of your screens, and draw them in ambiance, and appeal that tantalizes all their senses. Let them hear what they want no matter where they are so they never miss a thing. With the right sports bar AV system design and installation, you can create an unsurpassed experience for every guest!

Manipulate Every Aspect of the Guest Experience:

  1. Commercial AV System Design and Control System (Control4): controlling lighting, HVAC, audio video equipment, and systems in a fast paced environment like a sports bar or restaurant can be challenging. With Control4, you can control every TV from one location so your guests never miss a big play.
    • Incorporate your lights, music, and climate into a “scene” that cues the perfect ambience and gets everyone in the right mood.
    • Have the lights turn off when employees or guests leave rooms to save on energy bills, automatically.
    • Use a single button to turn the building off or on, keeping energy bills low.
    • Control a wall of TVs from a central location so that your customers get to watch what they want, when they want it.
    • Simplify your audio, video, and other components with one remote to control it all.
    • Control and feed a high-end audio system for dancing or ambient music.
    • Broadcast the big game, and as soon as it’s over, easily drop back to the top 20 playlist.
    • Treat your audio and video as separate systems with the ability to join them easily when required.
    • Turn every TV in the bar or restaurant on and off with one button.
    • Play six different games or more on different displays throughout the space, so your customers never miss any of the action.
    • Easily move video around and break audio from video to play in different zones.
    • Receive e-mail alerts based on security-related actions, for example when a door or window is left open, or the security system is triggered.
    • Use IP cameras to keep an eye on your business, no matter where you are.
  2. Distributed Audio Systems: ensuring there is maximum clarity throughout your establishment is the key to keeping your guest happy and entertained.
    • Multi-zone audio with independent volume controls.
    • Background music to create the ambiance guests are looking for.
    • Enhance your bar or restaurant with a multiple source, multiple zone distributed audio system.

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Sports Bars

Providing the best sports viewing experience is the biggest way to draw the sports fans in… Giving someone the ability to sit anywhere in your establishment and have a perfect view of any game or event will help you create a sports fan destination, one that will not be forgotten! If you are eager to gain, the reputation of being a fan favorite your establishment must have a better then average audio video entertainment system. Things to consider when building a superior integrated audio video system for your sports bar include:

The sporting events shown on the screens in a sports bar is one of the main attractions. While there is nothing better then being at the game, being a sports bar owner or manager you want to come as close as possible to replicating the experience. To get a better idea of what type of system you could build that will help you gain the reputation of being a sports fan favorite here is a look at one of Shultz Audio Video’s sports bar designs.

Commercial AV Installation-Sports Bar

How to Create a Sport’s Fan Destination

Case Study Hooters

Client: Hooters

Location: Plaza Bonita Shopping Mall (New Location) – Hooters Sports Bar San Marcos

Challenge: Hooters needed a way to create an impact on their patrons. Ultimately they wanted to gain the reputation of being a place where patrons came to enjoy the ambiance, eat great food while having an immersive audiovisual experience, one that had such an impact, they would be back for more. Their ask, we want the music loud, and the TVs big! Additionally, Hooters also had a security challenge. On a daily basis sports bars are faced with a large range of security challenges… Hooters needed a bar security camera system that would allow them to have eyes on the places most needed.

Solution: Create an Immersive Sports Bar Audio, Video, Security, and Surveillance System, and Build a Jumbotron:

The System Solution:

Jumbotron, Created by Stacking 8 80” Flat Screen TVs

Video Wall, Created by using 25 Flat Panel TVs (Totaling 2200 Inches of TV Viewing)

Video Matrix System, Controlled by an iPad & Video Matrix

Video Sources: 10 Direct TVs allowing Hooters to run up to 10 video sources simultaneously, covering multiple games and other events.

Earth Shaking Sound: 10 JBL Commercial Speakers with Crown Amplifiers, and JBL Ceiling Mounted Subwoofers

Zoned Audio: Created 4 Zones of Audio

Audio Flexibility: By Creating 4 Zones of Audio, Hooters can put audio where it is needed, and adjust the volume individually or as a group.

Security & Surveillance: 16 Cameras