Fitness Studio Commercial AV

Fitness Studio Commercial AV

Background music is a key element in any fitness studio, yoga studio, or performance-training studio. It helps motivate people to push harder and do more helping them achieve their fitness goals. Providing extra motivation to keep your members moving is essential to the success of your fitness studio… with the right entertainment system, you offer members a more immersive experience helping you keep and build a loyal membership base.

The truth is, whether you offer yoga, Pilates, performance-training, or kettle bell classes there is one common thread that holds true for any boutique fitness studio… you have to stay ahead of the curve to be successful. Today’s prospective members want more and expect more especially from boutique fitness studios.

Boutique fitness studios offer a completely different experience than larger fitness centers, one that is more personal and customized to fit their unique lifestyle but that does not mean their expectations are any less. They still expect the same level of entertainment and connectivity to improve fitness outcomes that they would get at any larger fitness center.

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Fitness Studio Commercial AV: Attract & Retain More Members

As a fitness studio owner, you are always looking for ways to attract and retain more members that are loyal. Today more then ever people want more out of the businesses they choose to stay loyal to… If you want to attract and retain more members that are loyal, you have to give them enhanced interactions, data-driven workouts, the best entertainment options, and connectivity… while still having the ability to keep the boutique-y vibe…

The environment in your fitness facility should be a place where experience and lifestyle blend so well that people simply like being there. With that in mind, below we list some things to think about:

How To Attract & Retain More Members

  • Electronics such as video displays, video walls, audio systems, video systems and lighting all help create an experience used to reach your members.
  • A high quality, integrated audiovisual system should be a fundamental part of your fitness studio.
  • Audio Visual systems help to set and create a seamless experience from start to finish in the following ways:
    • Discrete background music in the reception area
      • In the reception area, the beginning of their experience starts with background music used to motivate and fuel them before a workout.
      • During their workout, a high-impact sound system helps motivate them to push harder.
      • In addition, after their workout in the lounge area or locker room softer background music helps your members wind down after a great workout.
    • For those driven by data and results using large flat screen TVs to highlight their achievements like calories burned, amount of miles run or biked will truly push them to their limits.
      • And… for those driven by data, results and having the competitive edge see what happens when you show everyone’s results on a board in order of best to hey you need to push yourself more…
    • With the right Integrated Audio Visual system, the possibilities are only as endless as your imagination…

A fully integrated multi-functional audio visual system allows you to create a seamless experience throughout your facility for your members…

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Fitness Studio Commercial AV: Case Study Health & Fitness

Yoga Six | EZIA Human Performance | Nakoa

Challenge: each of the fitness studios mentioned above sought out ways to attract and retain more members. Ultimately, they wanted to gain the reputation of being THE place where people came to enjoy the environment. And, to experience what fitness as a lifestyle felt like. In addition to this, each fitness facility had security challenges. And, they also needed a security camera system that would allow them to have eyes on the places most needed.

Solution: Create an Immersive Audio Visual Experience + Add Video Surveillance

The Integrated System Solution:

Video Matrix System (with one cable box distributed to multiple panels)

Distributed Commercial Audio (multiple zones)

Separate Audio Zones for Locker Rooms, Lounge Areas and Bathrooms

Climate Control

One Simple Control System (RTI) controllable from an iPad

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