What is a Network Switch?

Business owners often ask us, what is a network switch? A network switch is a device that connects other devices via network cables. It allows them to communicate by exchanging data packets. Devices such as computers, printers, and wireless access points are all connected using switches. Unlike a router, a switch only sends data to the single device it is intended for not to networks of multiple devices.

What does a network switch do?

  • Transfers data between the devices on an office network.
  • It also adds more ports to an existing network so you can connect more devices.
  • And, it keeps a record of the devices connected to it, so data can be routed to the correct device.
  • Additionally, it can also be used as a bridge between two local networks.
  • They can be managed or unmanaged.

Switch vs Router: What’s the Difference?

While a switch creates a network by connecting devices to each other. A router on the other hand connects devices across multiple networks. What this means is that routers are necessary for an Internet connection. While switches are only necessary for interconnecting devices. In short, switches are the basic building blocks of every network and routers make the Internet work.

What’s the Difference Between a Layer 2 switch & layer 3 switch?

Pakedge MS Series Layer 3 Managed Network Switch

Networking switches can operate at either OSI layer 2 (which is the data link layer) or the layer 3 (which is the network layer). While layer 2 switches forward data based on the destination MAC address. Layer 3 switches forward it based on the IP address. Although most switches are layer 2, the best network switches will offer layer 3 functionality. That’s because they are faster and more efficient. The most important purpose of the layer 3 switch is to speed up the data exchange within a large LAN. This is something you might want if you own a business! With this in mind, below offer some insight below on the best business network switches.

Pakedge MS Series Layer 3 Managed Switches

When your business requires flawless video streaming, synchronized media distribution, and uninterrupted productivity, MS Series switches deliver the performance you need. Built for speed, this series of switches are perfect for high-speed switch-to-switch connections and large media or video-over-IP.

San Diego Commercial Network Installation

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