Business Class Router

What is a business class router? A business class router is a networking device that directs traffic between different computers and other network hardware. Compared to a consumer class router, a business class router is faster more secure and stable. In addition to this, a business class router can scale easily, accommodating growth both in number of users and in the amount of traffic moving across a network. These are things a business network requires. No matter what type of business you own, a gym, sports bar, coffee shop or a small law firm, a router is an important piece of technology. It manages and controls all traffic and protects your network from any dangers that may exist. So, what you don’t want to do is use one designed for home use.  

Business Class Router vs Home Router

business class router has number of features and capabilities that consumer routers do not. That being said, while consumer routers share some features with business class routers, they cannot support the type of traffic a business network must support. Aside from this, consumer routers cannot provide the level of security, scalability and reliability business class routers can. 

Features of a Business Router:

  • Embedded firewall
  • The ability to implement virtual private networks (VPNs)
  • SSL portal and SSL tunnel VPNs
  • Virtual networks or VLANs
  • Support for IPv6
  • A DMZ port
  • Content filtering capabilities
  • Remote management
  • Load-balancing tools which can allow you to increase your overall bandwidth
  • Failover/backup capabilities that helps to prevent downtime

Best Business Class Router

For high-traffic networks with up to 500 devices, we recommend the Araknis Networks 310-series router. It features four Gigabit LAN interfaces with full Gigabit LAN-LAN speed, as well as a Gigabit WAN interface. And, an embedded firewall helps keep your network secure. Additionally, every Araknis router comes with OvrC Pro which offers full network visibility and intuitive troubleshooting tools. This means we can reduce downtime so you can focus on your business. For this reason, we think this one of the best business routers.

How We Support Your Business Network with OvrC Pro:

  • Proactive Service: your network is our priority. We keep an eye out for slow Internet speeds or malfunctioning devices. Usually we’ll solve issues before you even see them.
  • Discreet Remote Management: if your system goes haywire, we will fix issues remotely, without disrupting you or your schedule.
  • Continuous Software Updates: we’ll keep your devices optimized and up to date so they’ll work well with tomorrow’s innovations.
  • Scheduled System Inspection: our on-site visit includes a multi-point inspection and system tune-up. So you get the most out of your equipment.

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