Commercial Display vs TV in the Conference Room

One of the most important decisions you’ll have to make when equipping your conference room is whether to use a commercial display or a TV. While both options seem viable, some key differences can impact the functionality and effectiveness of your meetings. This article will explore the differences between a commercial display and a TV for conference room use.

Commercial Display

A commercial display is a professional-grade monitor specifically designed for commercial use. These displays are built to be durable and reliable, with features such as extended warranties and 24/7 operation capabilities. They also have advanced connectivity options, allowing for multiple inputs and outputs, making them ideal for use in conference rooms.


A TV, or television, is a consumer-grade device designed for personal use in homes. While TVs may have similar features to commercial displays, they are built to different standards and may have various levels of durability or reliability. They also typically have limited connectivity options, making them less suitable for use in a conference room setting. For a better understanding of the key differences, see the comparison below.

Side by Side Comparison

Commercial DisplayConsumer TV
Quality and DurabilityConstructed for durability and continuous use even in harsh environmentsDesigned for home use, not built for extended operation
Continuous OperationEngineered for continuous operation in high-traffic settingsNot suitable for 24/7 operation, can overheat and/or experience burn-in
CustomizabilityHighly customizable with specialized mounts and image quality enhancementsLimited customization options, fixed stands
WarrantyMost commercial displays come with a three to five-year warrantyAlmost all TV warranties state that commercial use will void the warranty and only come with a one-year warranty
LongevityDesigned for a longer operational lifespanHas a shorter lifespan with continuous use
Picture QualityDesigned to deliver consistent, high-quality images with accurate color reproductionMay not always provide the same level of color accuracy and consistency
Connectivity OptionsMore diverse connectivity options for professional devicesLimited input/output options
QualityEnhancements for high-quality visuals and color accuracyHigh-resolution and image quality
Regulatory ComplianceDesigned to meet commercial regulatory standardsDoes not meet commercial regulatory standards
Design & AestheticsDesigned for professional integration in commercial settingsDesigned with home aesthetics in mind
Touchscreen and InteractivityOffer touch functionality and interactivity in most casesDoes not include touchscreen or interactive features
Cooling and VentilationEquipped with advanced cooling systems for continuous useCan lack adequate cooling for extended operation
Screen BurnDesigned with features to minimize the risk of screen burnMore susceptible to screen burn

Best Commercial Display for Video Conferencing

When choosing a display for your conference room, consider everything we have discussed to find the best option. A commercial display offers superior performance and durability compared to a regular TV. Sony professional displays, specifically designed for business settings, provide excellent image quality and reliability.

Sony professional displays are the best choice for businesses looking to enhance their video conferencing capabilities. With superior image quality, flexible display solutions, user-friendly features, and enhanced security, these displays offer a complete solution for video conferencing needs.

Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, Sony has a display that can meet your specific requirements. Upgrade your video conferencing experience with Sony Professional displays and take your business communication to the next level.

SONY BZ-L Series

SONY BZ-L Series BRAVIA Professional Displays

BRAVIA Professional Displays

Big, bright BRAVIA 4K Professional Displays streamline meeting efficiency and add impact to all your business communications in boardrooms, reception areas, and cafeterias. Make meetings more productive and give your visual communications a more competitive edge with the latest BRAVIA Professional Displays.

Add impact to presentations, signage, video conferencing, and collaborative projects with superb 4K resolution HDR image quality. Work smarter with business-focused features and flexible integration. Here is what makes these profession displays, the best display for video conferencing.

Superior Image Quality

One of the key features of Sony professional displays is their superior image quality. Available in sizes up to 100”, BRAVIA Professional Displays harness the latest Sony picture processing technologies for impressively bright, high-contrast HDR images bursting with rich, lifelike color and exquisite detail. With Sony professional displays, you can ensure that your video conferences are of the highest quality, providing a more engaging and productive experience for all participants.

Flexible Display Solutions

Sony offers a range of display solutions to meet the diverse needs of businesses. Sony has a display for every setting, from large format displays for conference rooms to compact displays for huddle rooms. These displays also come in various sizes, allowing you to choose the perfect size for your space. Additionally, Sony professional displays can be mounted on walls or used with stands, providing flexibility in installation and placement. This makes setting up a video conferencing system that fits your specific requirements easy.

Industry-leading Warranties and Service

Many of their products now come with a 5-Year Standard Warranty out of the box. That’s four years more than the usual consumer product warranty. Their Advanced Replacement Program for BRAVIA Professional Displays, provides customers with a replacement unit at no cost in the unlikely event of a defective unit. And their White Glove Service will provide a technician to your location to remove a defective display and mount a replacement unit.


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