Video Conferencing Audio Quality

Poor audio quality in video meetings can be frustrating. Video conferencing is about communication, after all, so audio quality is key. Though video plays an important role in conferencing, the significance of clear audio can never be neglected. The reality is, if the video fails during a virtual meeting, you can still continue it. But if the audio fails, the meeting has to end or be rescheduled. In either case, it is still a bad user experience both of which cause unnecessary costs. Costs that could be easily outweighed by investing in higher quality video conferencing equipment. With this in mind, we offer some insight on how to get the best video conferencing audio quality. The first step, is figuring out how to improve it. We explain more below.

How to Improve Audio Quality

Audio quality is important on a video call, but how do you achieve it? To achieve it is to know what affects audio quality in a video conference. When it comes to sound there are a few things you must consider (what impacts sound and how to improve it) below we offer some more insight:

  • Lack of Bandwidth: can make your audio quality suffer
    • To improve it, make sure you have enough (upgrade your network) to maintain a strong internet connection.
  • Reverberation: in a room always will always degrade the audio quality 
    • Acoustical treatments will help to absorb or diffuse sound and improve the quality of it.
  • Background Noise: can distract the listener
    • A quality microphone is the easiest way to improve your sound and reduce background noise.
  • Equipment: your hardware can either make or break your virtual meeting experience

Conference Room Audio Solutions by Shultz Audio Video

Most people feel overwhelmed when choosing the conference room audio solution for their business. Thankfully, we provide meeting room AV design guidance, installation, and support. We also test and recommend state-of-the-art products to provide only the best solutions for our clients. Our goal is to get you the right tools to meet your business needs, enabling better business outcomes and increased productivity. Let us help you determine the best video conferencing equipment for all of your conference rooms, huddle rooms or boardrooms. Contact us at (760) 505-7461 to book an appointment.