Conference Room Camera Huddly IQ

Are you looking for the best conference room camera for your huddle room or conference room? Say hello to Huddly IQ! It’s like a camera only smarter. In fact, it’s the first of its kind. With features like an embedded mic array, 150° wide-angle 1080p video and automated AI features you’ll never have to worry about being seen or heard again! Now, isn’t that what you want out of a video camera for your conferencing system? And, if that’s not enough, with Genius Framing, Huddly IQ makes the meeting experience feel natural. It does this by smoothly zooming in on the participants and framing them perfectly in the image. So, if you are searching for the perfect camera for your video conferences, look no further than Huddly IQ. Let’s take a look at why this is the right video camera for you!

Conference Room Camera Huddly IQ

Conference Room Camera Huddly IQ is an AI-powered collaboration device that delivers a video meeting experience like no other, with:

  • 150° wide-angle video
  • Embedded mic array
  • AI features
  • Analytics API

Everyone seen and heard. Anywhere.

IQ’s 150° wide-angle lens and studio-quality embedded microphone array deliver an immersive video meeting experience, giving everyone a voice and a seat at the table.

Huddly IQ Conference Room Camera Smooth Genius Framing

Huddly IQ Smooth Genius Framing

With Genius Framing, Huddly IQ makes the meeting experience feel natural by smoothly zooming in on the participants and framing them perfectly in the image. Not only can it detect and count people in the room, it does so in real time. And, with Insights API you’ll get insights into how you use your meeting spaces with high quality analytics. As a result, you can make better business decisions about how to use your facilities. In addition to this, you gain insight on how to improve the ROI on office real estate and equipment.

Here’s what information you can access from a Huddly IQ today:

  • People Count: how many people are in the room
  • Status: whether the room is free or occupied
  • Usage: how much the room gets used

See the demo, here.

These are things you want to consider when you are researching video conferencing equipment.

Advanced data. Better decisions.

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