Wireless Meeting Room Solutions

Wireless meeting room solutions make meetings more efficient with technology that increases collaboration. In fact, the right conference room equipment can make working and collaborating easy by allowing meeting presenters to display content from their own device. This is something you want to think about now that remote work has taken the spotlight. What remote workers want most, is flexibility, and, the only way to offer that, is to update your conference room with technology that empowers collaboration.

Gone are the days of finding the appropriate cable to plug the projector into your laptop. And, gone are the days of hunting for the HMDI cable every time you walk into the meeting room to present. This outdated way of running a meeting is a huge waste of time! Today, when it comes to having meetings with remote employees, clients or prospects, you want video. And, you also want to make collaborating via your own device (tablet, smartphone or laptop) quick and easy.

But, finding a single solution that includes all the elements to transform your conference room into a more collaborative place can be difficult. For this reason, we offer some insight on the best wireless conferencing and wireless presentation systems available today.

ClickShare WIRELELESS Conferencing

Wireless Meeting Room Solutions: ClickShare Conference

Simple, easy and wireless, that’s how ClickShare wireless conferencing system shares your apps on the room display and connects them to the camera, mic and speakers in the room for better hybrid meetings. In-room users use and control their video conferencing platforms and meeting room tech like sound bar, camera and display, all from their own laptop with ClickShare Conference. As a result, it makes connection and collaboration better for both in-room and remote meeting participants.

The Benefits:

  • WIRELESS: No cables
  • EASY: No software needed and no touch panels to control
  • HYBRID: Engage in-office and remote participants
  • AGNOSTIC: Works with your laptop, your conferencing solutions (UC) and a broad range of USB peripherals
  • FLEXIBLE: Integrates with pre-existing meeting room solutions and allows new tech to be added effortlessly.
WIRELELESS Conferencing in Three easy steps

Wireless Meeting Room Solutions: ClickShare Present

Gone are the cable struggles to share from your laptop in a Microsoft Teams or Zoom Room. And, gone is the mess of having a hard time connecting your laptop to the conference room system. With ClickShare Present, you can share presentations in an easy, user-friendly and hassle-free way. And the best part is, you can do it without having to fiddle around with wires, cables and adapters.

Conference Room AV Installation San Diego

Are you looking for the perfect way to have your conference room AV design and installation done? Every conference room has its challenges. In fact, whether you’re dealing with poor mic pickup, hard to use equipment or have a hard time figuring out which cables to connect, getting from point A to B is not always easy. Let us help you bring your conference collaboration and presentation solutions to life with a professional commercial AV installation.

Our San Diego conference room solutions are comprehensive in that we will come out free of charge to assess your current video conferencing set up. Once we do, we will evaluate the solutions that are right for your needs and budget. And, we’ll get you up and running quickly! Contact us at (760) 505-7461 to a complimentary system assessment.