Family Room, Home Theater

Family Room, Home Theater

Let’s Bring Family Time Back!

Lets face it, not everyone wants or has a dedicated room for a home theater. And the truth is, home theaters are no longer only an extravagance for the rich. Today, thanks to technology, many families are enjoying a true movie theater experience from the comfort of their family room. It is easy to create an immersive, yet tasteful home entertainment room for your family to match your lifestyle and your budget. Transforming your family room into the hub of entertainment, is more than just slapping a flat screen TV on the wall and calling it a day. You need the right system, sound, picture, and control to make family movie time the best time. A family room home theater has the potential to be an escape, a place where audio and video commingle for an amazing you-are-there entertainment experience. For those who want to their family room, designed to create a comfortable, relaxing feel, where the electronics are hidden until you want to bring them to life, we have just the right solutions for you.

From optimizing your environment to getting the perfect picture and sound, one simple voice command and the room transforms into a space where any family would be happy to gather to watch the latest movie or listen to their favorite tunes. The lights around you dim to movie mode, the art over the fireplace rolls up to reveal a 65″ flat screen TV, the shades go down over the windows and the sound system comes to life. It’s movie time, it’s music time, it’s family time. The family room is a place meant to entertain you and your family. It’s where you go to watch movies, play games, and enjoy quality time. And, with the right planning, investing in a home theater system can be one of the best enhancements to your lifestyle. With a family room home theater you will be able to relax after a stressful day, and reconnect with your loved ones, all without leaving the house. With this in mind, we offer you some insight on how to build a home theater.

Turn Your Family Room Into An Amazing Place For Entertainment With Sound That Fills Every Dimension Of The Room…

Family Movie Time

Optimize Your Environment

One of the most important factors in your family room’s performance is actually the room itself. In terms of surfaces, materials like tile and hardwood are not ideal because they bounce sound around the room. However, if hard surfaces are unavoidable, you can always temper reflective materials with rugs, pillows and even acoustic treatments. Next you want to examine that amount of natural light and artificial light in the room. Natural light can be controlled with window treatments like motorized shades, and your lights can easily be dimmed with lighting control. With a one room solution by Control4, you have energy savings, remote operation, and convenience at your finger tips.



One-Room Entertainment Experience

Whether it’s to watch a movie, listen to music, or have friends over for the big game, the environment where you consume your entertainment should be relaxing, inviting, and free of technology chaos. With the Control4 SR-260 Remote and an EA Series Controller, get rid of all the remotes cluttering the coffee table and replace them with a universal remote solution that has the brains to control more than just your entertainment such as the shades, temperature, door locks, and more. A Control4 one-room entertainment solution is the perfect starting point for your smart home. Enjoy a simplified one-room entertainment experience that consolidates all audio/video equipment into one remote that the whole family can use with ease.

Advanced entertainment capabilities and high-resolution audio brings your favorite streaming music to your favorite spot in the house. Control4 offers native support of the most popular streaming services and AirPlay streaming to take advantage of dozens more. And when you’re ready, add the same exceptional sound throughout the entire house. With one button-press, the movie starts, the overhead lights dim, and ambient fixtures soften to create a truly immersive experience in the family room. The Control4 SR-260 remote is so intuitive that the whole family from kids to grandparents will be able to operate it quickly and easily.

JVC Refererence Series Projector

Get The Perfect Picture

The centerpiece of any well-designed home theater system is the video display. While the environment plays a key role in selecting the right type of display, technology today is far better than it has ever been. From OLED TVs to the latest UHD or 4K TVs, today you can treat yourself to the best of both worlds by adding drop down screen and projector. But, beware, not just any movie screen and projector will do! While OLED the latest in display tech is thinner, brighter and more energy efficient, there is nothing that compares to watching a movie with your family than watching it on a big screen! Just think, you can take the impressive visual quality of 4K technology to its limit with a two-piece projection system. With a projector by JVC and a projector screen by Screen Innovations.

Free your viewing experience from it’s restraints…
Projector Screens SOLO Pro

Projector Screens

Screen Innovations Rollable Zero Edge

Zero Edge® meets a custom, motorized, portable cassette. Solo Pro is rollable Zero Edge with 2 years on a single charge. At Solo Pro’s core is an intelligent lithium-powered motor that is capable of being recharged 500 times, lasting 2 years on a single cycle. To recharge, simply click the magnetic power cable to the cassette and you’re done. Control in the palm of your hands, or by the sound of your voice with Amazon’s Echo. MyLink™ enables automation of Solo Pro based on the astronomical clock, and scenes to engage multiple systems instantaneously. Wherever you go, take Solo with you.

The Dolby Atmos Home Theater Experience


50% Of The Cinema Experience

Audio accounts for 50 percent of the cinema experience. That’s why your sound system and room acoustics are every bit as important as your display or screen. There are two basic ways to add the height channels. One is to use two or four in-ceiling speakers. The second way is to use special Dolby Atmos enabled speakers that can be floor or stand mounted. From a placement perspective, these replace the left and right speakers and the left and right surround speakers. For the experience of moving audio that flows around you, Atlantic Technology Dolby Atmos enabled speakers are powerful and immersive. Beyond performance, their speakers integrate easily and attractively into your home to deliver consistently great movie sound and music reproduction.

San Diego Home Theater Company Shultz Audio Video

Professional Home Theater Installation & Consultation

As a custom audio/video installer, Shultz Audio Video can design and build a home theater tailored to your unique needs and budget. Whether you want a dedicated theater filled with the latest technologies such as 4k and 3D projection, 7.2-channel surround sound with chest-rattling bass or just a nice flat screen TV mounted in your living room, home automation elevates your movie viewing experience to an entirely different level. Whichever set up you choose, you will be amazed by how much more exciting movies and television shows become in a larger format.

Let’s bring family time back together. To help, we will come to you with a Free In-Home Consultation. We will walk through your home to help you determine the setup that is best for you, discuss potential problems, and guide you in how to proceed. Once we have designed a family room home theater  or media room that is right for you, our team of AV professionals will install your new system to get you up and running quick and easy.

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