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Reliable High-Speed Performance at Home

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Today’s home needs to have a reliable network to help meet the needs of a modern connected world. Interestingly, not all network solutions provide enough stability or strength to keep one’s life seamlessly connected. As a result, many homeowners are left with sub-par wireless performance. Just as the Internet is the electronic pulse that brings connectivity to a home, the network is the central nervous system that carries the critical information to all of the connected devices. In today’s continuously connected world, more and more devices are coming online making the need to have a robust, high-performing home network even more important.

With so many devices, being used simultaneously and heavily taxing a home’s network, how can one ensure optimal performance every day? Whether you have a few devices online, or your home is brimming with automation, ensuring your home network is designed to meet the unique needs of a connected home today and in the future is important. Network solutions are vast. With multiple brands, and companies to choose from, one can get lost trying to decide which choice is the right choice. With this in mind, we offer you some insight into the best home network solutions.

As Technology Demands Change…

Reliable High-Speed Performance at Home

As technology demands change, you need a home network that evolves with you. Never settle for sub-par wireless performance when there are home network solutions that are designed to provide you with high-speeds, reliability, and consistent peak performance. From a few connected devices to a fully automated home, the home network solutions Shultz Audio Video provides can evolve when your needs do. Furthermore, each home network solution we provide can be easily updated to manage new devices and adapt to the changing network needs of any home. With this in mind, we would like to introduce you to, Araknis Networks.

Home Network

Araknis Networks

Araknis is your network ecosystem. Each product is crafted to work together with ease, making for a fast, reliable network that evolves with you. Trusted and reliable in any environment, Araknis products are expertly engineered to deliver best-in-class performance. Reliable systems, strong signals, and quick connections are at the heart of what makes an Araknis Network so incredible. Picture a home where complex equipment is seamlessly connected, and each piece of your home network delivers top speed and incredible performance, welcome to the right choice for your home networking needs, now and in the future.

Fast Roaming

Araknis Fast Roaming allows a device to seamlessly transition between access points, ensuring the best possible performance. Based on location and coverage, a wireless device will release from a weak access point connection and attach to a different access point with a stronger connection in a matter of milliseconds. The image below provides an example of just how seamless a wireless connection could be at home.

How Wireless Access Points Work

Araknis Wireless Access Points

  • 100 Series: best suited for rural installs with minimal interference, this single-band, entry-level WAP provides high coverage at a modest speed and price point
  • 300 Series: this dual-band option is the perfect choice for most residential installs that may encounter interference, and can handle most new devices with quick speeds
  • 500 Series: for even faster speeds and higher stream throughputs, this dual-band WAP is the perfect solution. Built specifically for residential installs, it features the latest in AC-wireless technology for increased performance


Araknis Networks 300-series routers include dual-Gigabit WANs that can be configured to load-balancing or link failover modes, extensive VPN support, and an embedded firewall for wide-ranging network security. With an Araknis router, high-traffic networks are handled with ease.

  • Dual WAN: dual-WAN allows you to connect your home network to two different ISPs (for example: TWC and Comcast) and have the WAN links configured either as load-balancing (i.e. active/active) or link failover (i.e. active/standby)
  • 4 Gigabit LAN: perhaps this router’s most useful feature is an embedded 4 Gigabit switch on the LAN side
    • It is used to connect the router to multiple switches in the network, or connect other devices to the router directly
    • Plus, the LAN side of the router supports full LAN-LAN Gigabit speed with Jumbo Frame support for better video streaming

Switches, More Ports, More Options

Support all your home network needs with a full line of professional-grade switches. The entire Araknis switch family offers full Gigabit throughput, PoE/PoE+, and cloud management through OvrC to monitor and control your home network from miles away. Designed for both form and functionality, Araknis switches bring new life to home networks.

110 Series

  • Unmanaged+
  • Gigabit
  • OvrC Enabled

210 Series

  • Websmart
  • Gigabit
  • Partial PoE/PoE+
  • OvrC Enabled

310 Series

  • L2 Managed
  • Gigabit
  • No PoE and Full PoE/PoE+
  • OvrC Enabled

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