The more smart TVs, security cameras, laptops, smartphone, tablets, video doorbells, and WiFi enabled devices you have in your home, the more important your router becomes. That’s because there is a traffic jam in your home. In fact, today’s average home has more than eight connected devices all competing for a share of a home’s wireless network. And, with way we use our technology today, carrying our mobile devices like smartphones, laptops, and tablets from room to room, your bandwidth may simply not be enough to have a consistent connection throughout your home.

The router is the most important piece of technology we have in our homes, yet many people are still using the same wireless router provided by their ISP expecting it to give them the speeds they are paying for. So, the question is, when was the last time you upgraded your wireless router? If it has been more than a few years, or even longer, it may be time to upgrade the main piece of hardware, used to get your devices online. From dead spots and buffering to emails you missed from your boss and rebooting your router, you need a wireless network that provides a high-speed connection all the time.

Why You Should Replace Your ISP’s Router

Why You Should Replace Your ISP’s Router

When you signed up with an Internet service provider (ISP), it is likely you got a modem/router combo. And that’s great right? You didn’t have to buy your own. But, there are lots of reasons why you should replace that router. For starters, making sure Netflix gets streaming priority will make for a much better experience! But ever better, is getting better WiFi!

While some ISP provided routers perform well, it’s tough to know what you are going to get! In fact, not too long ago, Time Warner Cable got in trouble for sending its customers outdated equipment while promising blazing fast speeds. Additionally, parental controls are great for those who have kids, something the one provided to you cannot offer. And, putting those controls in place at the router, instead of individual devices or apps, will make them more effective!

Added Features

Another reason to replace that router for a new one is the ability to create guest networks. Easily create guest networks that you can share keeping them away from your secure private network. With a feature like this, you have the ability to grant or revoke WiFi access giving you more control over how the Internet is being used at your home.

Guest networks provide a lot of convenience and added security. However, not all ISP routers support them. Another reason, quality of service. QoS lets you choose apps or devices that get priority bandwidth. Use these settings for things like making sure your Netflix or Roku get priority for streaming. So you never have to worry about buffering again!

Internet Speed Test

Internet Speed Test

Dead spots, and endless reboots are all symptoms of traditional routers and range extenders. They are the reason why it can be so tough to work, stream, or scroll in every room of your home. For anyone looking for faster reliable Internet speeds at home, the throughput of data is important. This is the real-time effect of network speed in action. To ensure you are getting the speeds you pay for, running a LAN Speed Test is important.

While most of you will not get the results we have listed above, what you will get are different speeds depending on the location of your wireless router. To see if you are getting what you pay for simply perform the test from your smartphone in every room of your home. You will find that even when you are close to the wireless router that has been provided to you, the result will not be the speed you expected.

How to Test Your Internet Speed

The only time you may get the speed you are paying for is when you are right next to your wireless router. As an example take Spectrum, they advertise the fastest Internet speeds available starting at 60Mbps up to 100Mbps. Regardless of the company providing your Internet service, it is important to know if you are getting what you pay for. So, here is how to perform a speed test:

From The Devices Listed Below Run The Internet Speed Test:

How To Perform The Test:

  • No matter where you are testing from
    • The way to perform the test is the same
    • Simply click on start test and wait for your results.

Better Wifi Coverage Everywhere

Almost every home has ‘dead zones’ where Wifi signal drops. Whether a room in the center of the house or the family room on the top floor. It’s frustrating to lose service while working under a deadline or binge watching TV on Netflix! Life’s too short for bad WiFi so, why not replace your old router and blanket your whole home in fast, reliable WiFi. A WiFi network lets you connect a variety of devices in your home, not just computers, but also smartphones, tablets, printers, servers, audio components, TVs, and WiFi enabled smart devices. All of which require a solid reliable networking infrastructure to function at their full potential.


Best Router

Consistent, effective, and responsive, a reliable wireless network won’t let you down. A reliable wireless network that is always performing at its peak can be trusted to link you to the devices and applications that bring your family comfort, connection, and security. Araknis networks are designed to be fast, reliable, and customizable so that every inch of your home receives a strong and consistent signal capable of handling even the most sophisticated types of network traffic, such as audio and video data and home automation systems. A smart network makes for a smart home. With Araknis, you’ll enjoy all the advantages of an enterprise-grade network, right in your home. Their products provide the speed and dependability your family needs to effortlessly browse the web, stream music, play videos, and more!

If you want the best wireless experience, you will need the best router. With this in mind, we offer you some insight…

Araknis Networks

The best home network is one you never notice. Movies and music are best enjoyed uninterrupted, Araknis Networks ensures their products can deliver a fast and reliable connection with every use. And with Araknis, the days of resetting your device via paperclip are over, because Shultz Audio Video can implement regularly scheduled reboots to ensure your network is always up to speed. Speed Through High-Traffic Superhighways Araknis routers provide a high-speed connection that makes for a hassle-free network experience, along with a cloud-based device management software for remote troubleshooting.


  • The Need For Speed: when it comes to networking, every second counts
    • That’s why Araknis routers come equipped with 1 Gbps throughput on all LAN ports, for faster speeds and a better experience
  • IronClad Internet: an embedded firewall supports Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI), Denial of Service (DoS) prevention, WAN Request Blocking, OpenVPN, and content filtering
    • Its layers of network security make it harder for hackers to attack, so your private data stays safe
  • Reliable Connection: dual-gigabit WAN allows you to connect to two different ISPs (for example: TWC and Comcast), so you’ll never lose your connection in the case of service failure

Araknis Networks, Finally, a network that actually works…

San Diego Home Networking Services

Get Whole Home Wireless from Certified WiFi Specialists

In today’s modern home, a reliable wireless network is vital. With our home networking solutions, you can stream shows while easily sharing music with all the devices in your home. Never lose your WiFi signal again while watching your favorite Netflix or Amazon shows. Contact Shultz Audio Video today at  (760) 505-7461 to get a free consultation. Whether updating your current home or building a new one, we will make sure your home has no dead zones!