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Why You Need A Landscape Speaker System for Even Coverage

People are putting more money than ever before into their outdoor entertainment areas. And, as these areas grow in size, filling the entire space with music becomes a challenge. That’s because, when you have a large outdoor entertaining area with more than one seating area, there is not much for the sound to reflect off of. There are no walls or ceilings to place speakers in, and there is nothing to contain the sound, so there is nothing stopping it from being dissipated over the size of the area.

So, if you want to achieve powerful sound in all areas of the backyard, there are only two choices, add a pair of large speakers that you play really loud, or choose an option that provides an even level of sound across your outdoor living space. Although the first option may peek the interest of some, keep in mind that your neighbors will hate you, and your friends sitting closest to the speakers will not be able to hold a conversation, while the ones furthest away will barely hear them.

The Outdoor Dilemma

This extreme example is the large outdoor area dilemma. Obviously, the better choice is to provide an even level of sound across your outdoor space, especially if you want those you are entertaining to actually have a good time. The question most homeowners have at this point, is how can we do this without having a bunch of speakers all over our backyard?

The answer, by placing satellite speakers and subwoofers strategically, music is contained, because it directs sound towards the listening areas rather than all over. This outdoor audio solution is called a landscape speaker system.

Outdoor Audio


By placing satellite speakers and subwoofers strategically, music is contained, because it directs sound towards the listening areas.

Large Outdoor Areas: The Sound Dilemma

In today’s homes, the backyard, patio, deck or pool area can often be as elaborate as the inside of a home. From full outdoor kitchens to dining areas and full outdoor theaters to extensive seating areas, getting sound to these areas evenly can get tricky. That’s because, traditional speakers are often mounted under the eaves of a home to direct music towards areas where music is desired (pool, patio, yard, deck). The problem with this is that you need to turn it up just to hear it. This either makes the music too loud or it distorts it so badly you can’t hear the music at all.

A situation like this happens when the design of an outdoor audio system does not take speaker type, placement, size of space and intended use of space into mind. Instead, outdoor audio becomes an afterthought. Keep in mind, just like the size of your space matters inside your home when designing an audio system, it does even more so outside your home. Remember, the acoustic realities of an outdoor environment are drastically different than they are indoors, especially when the outdoor living space is large and has many functions.


With satellite speakers and the subwoofer hidden out of sight, sound radiates from under plants and foliage, creating a space that sounds as good as it looks.

Large Outdoor Area: Landscape Speaker System

A landscape speaker system has two advantages. The first one is, the speakers look identical to a landscape light and blend easily into the landscaping, almost totally disappearing. To provide the deep bass a small speaker is not capable of, a subwoofer can be buried in the ground with only a small top visible. This can be totally hidden under plants and foliage, creating a space that sounds as good as it looks.

The other advantage is how well this type of system can cover a large outdoor area. For example, rather than having two rock speakers trying to cover a big pool area, strategically placed satellite speakers and subwoofers encompass the perimeter of the space directing the sound towards the listening areas. The result is breathtaking performance and a perfect blanket of sound.


Landscape Speakers
Episode Landscape Series satellite speakers are optimized to excel outdoors. They have a wide dispersion angle with up to 120 degrees of coverage, and adjustable volume control at every speaker.

Episode® Landscape Series Speakers

Great Sound for the Great Outdoors

Great sound shouldn’t come with hot spots. Traditional box-speaker installations can result in unbalanced volume and uneven coverage. With a wide dispersion angle and 70 V tap settings, you avoid hot spots and angry neighbors. Sure, they can stand up to the weather — just consider that a perk. Built with a two- or three-way design and the finest components, these speakers produce high-end sound at every turn.

These aesthetically pleasing models blend right into your outdoor space. Whether mounted on the ground, in a tree, or under a trellis, they deliver powerful rich audio without drawing attention to themselves. No matter what size your outdoor space is, this family of products can be tailored to fit, providing power, precision and the perfect amount of punch.

From small backyards to large outdoor patios, you’ll get exceptional sound across the entire area. Outdoor systems need to be tough enough to handle whatever the environment dishes out. That’s why Episode Landscape Series products are designed with heavy-duty components and tough exteriors. They’ve been tested in extreme temperatures and are completely weatherproof, ensuring exceptional performance for years to come.

Episode speakers aren’t just good speakers, they are the best landscape speakers!

Episode Landscape Outdoor Speakers
Episode Landscape Satellite Speakers

Episode® Landscape Speakers

Great Sound for the Great Outdoors

Rock the backyard with Episode® Landscape Speakers. Designed for you and installed by Shultz Audio Video, they deliver exceptional sound to any outdoor space.

Episode® Landscape Subwoofer

Episode® Landscape Subwoofer

Bring the Boom to the Backyard

Take your outdoor sound system to the next level with an Episode® Landscape Subwoofer. Get remarkable bass at every turn.

Crown® Amplifier

Crown® Amplifier

Power Up

Get premium performance for even the largest outdoor speaker systems with a Crown® amplifier.

Outdoor Audio System Design

Outdoor audio shouldn’t be an afterthought. That’s why we set out to build and install the best outdoor entertainment systems around. That is also, why we use Episode Landscape Series Speakers. The reality is, outdoor spaces come in all shapes and sizes, so we encompass a range of design and installation techniques that allow us to build any system imaginable. From start to finish, we build outdoor entertainment systems tailored specifically to every outdoor space and each client’s unique needs. This helps us deliver exceptional sound throughout any outdoor living space. What sets us apart from the competition is our ability to provide impeccable sound and even coverage to transform any outdoor space into a place meant for entertaining! Call us today to schedule an outdoor audio demo (760) 505-7461.