Outdoor Home Theater

Who Says Movies Are Strictly For The Indoors?

Outdoor Home Theater

Who Says Movie Theaters Are Only For the Indoors?

Ever wonder how you can entertain your friends and family outside during Super Bowl Sunday. Or watch a movie while feeling the refreshing ocean breeze? With the wonderful sunny skies of San Diego, being outside is where we all want to be. With the right outdoor home theater, you can bring the experience of going to the movies to your own backyard. Learn how to turn your porch, patio, pool area, or garden into the perfect movie night location.

For those with no room indoors, your backyard is the perfect place to convert into an outdoor theater. With the right drop down movie screen, outdoor projector, and outdoor speakers, watching a movie outside is as easy as pushing a button or telling Alexa, hey, it’s movie time! There’s nothing better than enjoying a summer evening outside with family and friends, so why not stay outside as the sunsets to watch a movie? Whether you love being outdoors on your patio, or you have an amazing view along the shore, an outdoor home theater offers you the perfect entertainment solution for you, your family, and your friends.

So, why not add a little adventure and excitement at home on warm summer nights by adding an outdoor home theater to your backyard. For anyone who is seriously considering this type of home theater set up, you will need to consider the screen/projector, or outdoor TV, and sound. With this in mind, we offer some insight on the best outdoor home theater setup.

Outdoor Home Theater


Our outdoor TV, which will you choose?

Projector VS Outdoor TV

In the Projector VS outdoor TV stand off, we can assure you the projector will win every time. And, while it is true SunBriteTVs have the most amazing picture quality we have ever witnessed. There is nothing that tops the experience of watching all your favorite shows, games, or movies on a 100-inch display. Projectors are intrinsic to the traditional cinematic experience. More than just movies, there are certain experiences that you can only get with a really, really big screen. Having a larger screen can open up your world beyond just watching movies.

A projector can give you a true cinema like experience (if is is the right one). To make your decision easier on the projector VS outdoor TV dilemma, consider how watching a movie on a 100-inch or more screen with full surround sound in the comfort of your own backyard would be. However, if you are going to opt for an outdoor TV VS a projector and screen, make sure it is a SunBriteTV.


The only true outdoor tv…


The Only True Outdoor TV

Indoor TVs are designed for lower indoor brightness levels and often feature a high-gloss finish, which can make for a poor outdoor viewing experience. SunBriteTV® Pro Series TVs have high temperature tolerant, ultra-bright, professional-grade anti-reflective screens to deliver clear images in brighter outdoor lighting conditions. SunBrite TVs are engineered for safe, permanent outdoor installation. Indoor TVs manuals warn against outdoor use due to potentially dangerous consequences.

SunBriteTV® Pro Series TVs are designed for full sun or active areas. Enjoy the big game even on the sunniest of days. This device is direct sunlight readable, featuring high-temperature Enhanced Solar Tolerance (EST) technology to help guard against isotropic blackout—those annoying dark spots that could appear over the screen when it faces the sun. A tempered glass shield protects the LED screen in active environments.

Made for permanent outdoor installation, the elements have nothing on the durability of this TV. Outdoor safe, water resistant, and resilient a powder coated aluminum exterior protects against rust while shielding the internal components from rain, snow, dust, insects, humidity, and salt air. Perched from an articulating, rust-proof mount on your deck, positioned within a partially enclosed patio, or your outdoor kitchen, this Pro Series outdoor TV will impress your family and friends who visit to watch “the game” or to enjoy a day of outdoor living.

Outdoor TV


Solo comes standard with Slate® ALR screen material offering you up to 65% ambient light rejection for your environment. Now you can enjoy the big screen experience and leave the lights on!

JVC Reference Series Projector

Get The Perfect Picture

Imagination that magnifies human senses, JVC’s e-shift is proprietary high-resolution display technology that provides clear 4K precision images. An algorithm in e-shift5 analyzes every pixel in the original 4K signal to determine the optimal data to create the e-shift frames. This is particularly noticeable in the fine detail, such as very small text. All JVC projectors offer high brightness and the industry’s leading native and dynamic contrast, which are essential for proper HDR playback. A new Active Intelligent Lens Aperture is now available for HDR to let viewers enjoy the most dynamic projected HDR images ever seen.

Unlike direct view displays where screen size and brightness are specified and fixed, projectors require adjustment in order to reproduce the PQ curve adopted by HDR 10. JVC projectors handle this by offering an Auto Switching HDR Picture mode and gamma adjustment, and now on two models the DLAX990RBK/RS640K and DLA-X790RBK/RS540K – also offers two color profiles, one prioritizing brightness and the other prioritizing color. These can be selected to best suit the viewing environment.

To further improve the reproduction of 4K content, JVC has improved its Multiple Pixel Control by sampling all pixels in the 4K signal to deliver the smoothest, most finely detailed images from 4K content. JVC’s Low Latency Mode reduces frame delay for improved game play, and also improves the processing of high bandwidth signals, such as 4K10bit, 12bit, etc. directly without compression to ensure that the quality of the original source is preserved.

JVC Reference Series Projector


Episode outdoor speakers deliver remarkable sound in every climate…

Episode Landscape Satellite Speakers


Your Perfect Outdoor Speaker

Tested to withstand temperatures between -20 and 185 degrees Fahrenheit, Episode Landscape Series Outdoor Speakers can handle the elements. A hidden tap switch allows this speaker to be configured for 70V or 8-ohm systems.

Episode® Landscape Subwoofer


Episode® Outdoor Speakers

The perfect complement to Episode Landscape Series Speakers, a burial subwoofer packs a punch.

Episode® Surface Mount Speakers


Delivering Remarkable Sound

These durable speakers use quality components to deliver great sound no matter the circumstance. Plus, a compact form factor allows you to easily hide them under an eave or awning if you so choose.

Why Use Shultz Audio Video

Outdoor home theater systems shouldn’t be an afterthought. From start to finish, we build outdoor home theater systems tailored specifically to every outdoor space. This helps us deliver exceptional sound and visuals throughout any outdoor living space. Outdoor spaces come in all shapes and sizes, so we encompass a range of design and installation techniques. What sets us apart from the competition is our ability to provide impeccable sound, even coverage, and crystal clear pictures. We can transform any outdoor living space into a space meant for watching movies! Call us today to schedule an outdoor audio demo (760) 505-7461.