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Outdoor Movie Screen

An outdoor movie screen is a perfect way to upgrade your outdoor AV system. In fact, watching movies allows us to escape to a whole new world. And, they also enriches our lives with new experiences. After all, enjoying a film or two under the stars is the perfect way to spend summertime in San Diego.

Outdoor cinema allows you to enjoy all that a movie has to offer, while you relax under a sky filled with stars, from the comfort of your own backyard. Summertime is San Diego is not about being confined to your indoor environment. Just think about it, instead of being confined a single room, an outdoor theater­ allows you to indulge your passion for movies right in your own backyard. Instead, add an outdoor movie screen and projector.

Whether you’re an audio buff, or a movie fanatic, life is more enjoyable when the right music or visuals fill the air. Imagine hearing every note from a movie soundtrack, and feeling the rumbles of each action sequence, the way the director intended. With the right outdoor theater system installed in your backyard, you can transform your outdoor living space into an exciting experience for you, your family, and your friends.

Take your Entertainment Outdoors

If you have no space inside your home to indulge your passion of watching movies, or you are sick of being confined to one room, have you considered your own backyard? Today’s technology makes home entertainment possibilities endless. So, whether you are looking to build an extravagant outdoor home theater or simply want to add a modest outdoor cinema to your home media line-up, making sure you understand what goes into designing an outdoor home theater is important!

An outdoor entertainment space for some means listening to their favorite songs, and for others it is about watching their favorite TV shows or sports channels by day and sharing a movie by night. If you are ready to build your outdoor home theater system and are quivering with the anticipation of a fully immersive movie experience right in your own backyard, you might want to know just where you begin.

Depending on budget, where your home is, and how much space you have to work with, the design of your outdoor space can be different when you consider a few things. For smaller covered spaces there are specially designed outdoor TVs that pack high-definition video into a weather resistant, case. An outdoor home theater like this would also include a 5.1 surround sound optimally placed for immersive sound, coupled with the best audio video equipment, to ensure your home theater area can create a true to life cinematic experience.

For outdoor living spaces that have more room, the outdoor home theater system should include technologically advanced outdoor speakers, subwoofers and amplifiers that project unparalleled immersive sound, a DVD management system, and an outdoor movie screen that appears from a discreet place at the touch of a button with the use of a control system. Adding an outdoor home theater to your backyard, will make your home the place this summer!


Episode Landscape Series Speakers

Outdoor Speakers

Episode® Landscape Series

A complete sound system that brings music to life, the Episode® Landscape Series is the perfect addition to any outdoor space. Attractive speakers blend seamlessly into the environment, providing maximum performance and minimum visual interference, while a Crown® amplifier and burial subwoofer add some serious power. Whether you’re playing soft, background tunes or having movie night, this professional grade system will have you, your family, and your friends smiling the whole time you’re listening.

Built specifically to provide powerful sound for any occasion, the Episode® Landscape Series adds instant excitement to the outdoors. Top-quality speakers, a powerhouse Crown® 1,000 watt amplifier, and a beefy burial subwoofer enable this system to hit all the high notes and provide deep, robust sound to evenly cover any space. These aesthetically pleasing models blend right into your outdoor space without missing a beat. Whether mounted on the ground, in a tree, or under an eave, they deliver top-notch audio without drawing attention to themselves.

Episode® Landscape Series Speakers

The Episode® Landscape Series speakers has been engineered with premium components to create a truly impressive performance. An oversized voice coil and 4” polypropylene woofer with Nomex spider provide deep, full sound while an ultra-responsive ¾” aluminum dome tweeter and strong neodymium magnet accurately reproduce high frequencies. Plus, unlike many competitive products, this speaker’s two-way design also features a custom 2nd-Order Linkwitz-Reilly Crossover Network to produce smooth, natural sound – perfect for your outdoor setting.

Regulating sound outdoors can be tricky, you don’t want speakers blasting behind an intimate seating arrangement, or playing at a low volume in far corners of the outdoor space. When used in 70V mode, the Episode Landscape Series gives you adjustable volume control at every speaker. A rotary tap switch with 3.75W, a 7.5W, 15W, and 30W setting allows you to dial in the perfect volume level – everywhere. Plus the switch is conveniently located inside the watertight rear cover, so it’s easily accessible even after the outdoor speakers are installed.


Episode® Landscape Series Burial Subwoofer

Looking for earthshaking sound? Increase your bass by adding an Episode® Series Burial Subwoofer… This subwoofer will add just the right amount of kick. It’s time you felt your music instead of just listening to it.

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