Outdoor TV Outdoor Speakers

Outdoor TV Outdoor Speakers

Outdoor life, it is one of the many things we love about San Diego. At home we can enjoy nature’s beauty from the comfort of own backyards, so why not do it with style. Outdoor speakers and an outdoor TV are a perfect way to enjoy the summer in San Diego. There is nothing that goes better with a BBQ and pool time then music and TV. Today there are a wide variety of outdoor speaker systems to choose from. From wired to wireless, to waterproof speakers mounted on your deck, bringing the music outdoors should be seamless. With an outdoor entertainment system you can bring your HD and hi-fi out into the world, but why stop there. With an outdoor TV, speakers, and control, your hi-fi and HD equipment will be under your complete control.

It is a fact that the best places to entertain or ones that do not confine us, that’s why backyards, patios, and rooftops are so popular. If you are the type that likes to entertain, what happens when your guests come over, for some grilling, swimming, or simply chilling, and all the cool AV equipment is inside? Don’t say boom box, because that won’t do! That is, not if you actually want your guests to be entertained! Inexpensive portable Bluetooth audio systems NO think again. You are going to be one of the biggest let downs if your only outdoor entertainment option is a couple of cheap drivers in a shoebox! You think your friends will come over for a BBQ again, hmmm, think about it. You have a mind blowing indoor audio system, and a killer 4K TV in your living room; don’t you think the entertainment element should be just as good outside? WE DO, and so will your family and friends!

Imagine this: all your best friends are sitting by the poolside, you pour them a nice glass of wine, and offer them some cheese, you lean over and say, but wait there is more. You look at them smile and say “are you ready for it”, you tap a button called “outdoor party time” from the Control4 app on your smartphone, and just like that, the Jacuzzi bubbles up, the sounds of sweet ambient beats begin to play, your SunBriteTV turns on, and now the party has just begun. Welcome to being cool!


This Article is only for the Seriously Cool People; if that is you, then lets get your Party ON…

Safety First: Outdoor TVs

While there is still much debate over brining the TV outdoors, let us tell you why. Indoor TVs are not meant for outdoor use; in fact, indoor TV manufacturers specifically prohibit outdoor use (just check your manual). While we are not saying this to scare anyone, the fact is, using an indoor TV outdoors can put anyone at risk of shock or electrocution. Indoor TV electronics are not created for use outdoors and thus not intended for outdoor use (again see your manual to fact check). Using an indoor TV outdoors puts you, your family, and your friends at risk. The last thing you want to do is expose anyone to potential safety hazards, at home.

While many people want to buy a cheap indoor TV for outdoor use, what they never consider are the safety hazards they present, not to mention, it takes one good wind blow to ruin an indoor TV used outdoors. Further more, salty ocean air like the type we see everyday in San Diego is perhaps the biggest reason why, you should consider buying an Outdoor TV by SunBrite. Salty ocean air is an environmental element that will damage an indoor TV used outdoors, even cheaply made to look like outdoor TVs will not stack up to a SunBriteTV!


It is your choice, spend money replacing your inexpensive indoor TV used outside, expose people to the risks associated with using a TV not safe for use outdoors, or invest once in an Outdoor TV made by SunBrite…



Engineered for Permanent Outdoor Placement

Do not settle for poorly made imitations, SunBriteTVs are often copied, but never outshined. SunBriteTVs are built specifically for the outdoor environment. Their line of outdoor TVs, are true all weather, outdoor LED-LCD TVs that deliver superior brightness, while resisting the harsh effects of rain, dirt, insects, extreme temperatures, salty ocean air, and UV rays. SunBriteTVs have a reputation for toughness and durability that last for years even in the harshest of climates. SunBriteTVs are used in well-known outdoor entertainment spaces like, the, Yankee Stadium, Wrigley Field, Gillette Stadium, Marlins Park, and more recently outside the convention center for Comic Con.

All SunBriteTVs are water-resistant, resilient, and durable, and guaranteed to function safely and effectively in a wide variety of elements including rain, snow, extreme heat and cold, dust, salt air, and beyond. A tempered glass shield protects the LED screen in active environments, while direct-sun readable EST technology helps guard against isotropic blackout. Its powder-coated aluminum exterior shields internal components while the ultra-bright full 1080p HD / LED anti-glare screen delivers exceptional outdoor viewing quality.

A built-in heating and cooling system allows the display to operate in temperatures from -40 F up to 122 degrees F. Made for permanent outdoor installation. Perched from an articulating, rust-proof mount on your deck, positioned within a partially enclosed patio, or custom-installed near your outdoor kitchen, the SunBrite Pro Series outdoor HDTV will impress family and friends who visit to watch “the game” or enjoy a day of outdoor living in San Diego.

Episode Landscape Series

Episode® Landscape Series Satellite Speakers

Amplify your sound field with an Episode® Landscape Speaker Kit. The Episode® Landscape Speaker Kit will deliver the highest quality sound that is not only powerful it also features sound so stunning, you won’t believe your ears… The Episode® Landscape Speaker Kit features four premium 4” or 6” two-way speakers fueled by a powerful two-channel Crown® amplifier for the highest quality performance.

The two-channel Crown® amplifier features 1,000 watts of power and custom DSP settings. The two-channel Crown® amplifier includes pre-programmed EQ settings, customizable DSP settings and is so versatile you can use both channels at 70V or run one channel at 70V and the other at a 2 ohm load. Whichever setting you choose you can be assured that this amplifier will deliver the highest quality sound you have ever heard from an outdoor speaker system.

Built specifically to provide powerful sound for every occasion, the Episode® Landscape Series adds instant excitement to the outdoors. Top-quality speakers, a powerhouse Crown® 1,000 watt amplifier, and a beefy burial subwoofer will enable this system to hit all the high notes and provide a deep and robust sound to evenly cover any space. Whether you are looking to play soft background music, or simply want to ROCK OUT, this sound system will have you smiling from ear to ear. Landscape speakers are meant to be heard and not seen.

Episode® Landscape Speakers are aesthetically pleasing models that blend right into your outdoor space without missing a beat. Whatever your circumstances might be, mounted on the ground, in a tree, or under an eave, Episode® Landscape Speakers will deliver just the right level of audio without drawing attention to themselves. No matter what size your outdoor space is, Episode® Landscape’s family of products can be customized to fit, providing power, precision and the perfect amount of punch. From small backyards to large outdoor patios, you will get extraordinary sound across your entire outdoor area.

Built to Withstand the Weather

Outdoor systems need to be tough enough to handle whatever the environment dishes out. That’s why Episode® Landscape Series products are designed with heavy-duty components and tough exteriors. They’ve been tested in extreme temperatures and are sure to keep performing exceptionally for years to come.


Episode Landscape Series

Episode® Landscape Series Burial Subwoofer

Looking for earthshaking sound? Increase your bass by adding an Episode® Series Burial Subwoofer… This subwoofer will add just the right amount of kick and deliver the type of earthshaking performance that will leave you speechless. It’s time you felt your music instead of just listening to it… The Episode® Series Burial Subwoofer features a powerful punch and is made fully weatherproof with its tough HDPVC enclosure and a hidden 10” mica-filled polypropylene cone. The speaker terminals each come with a protective rubber boot and feature adjustable feet perfect for permanent mounting.

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