What to Look for in an Outdoor TV

Spending time outdoors and watching TV are mutually exclusive for most people. But they don’t have to be. After all, who wouldn’t want to watch a movie under the starts or catch a baseball game while grilling with friends. Outdoor TVs in the backyard just make sense, especially in San Diego. 

With the sunny weather and extended sunlight, now is the time level up the entertainment factor in your backyard with the best outdoor TV. So, if you are seriously considering an outdoor TV you should understand the features that allow them to do that. With this in mind, we offer some insight on what to look for in an outdoor TV.

What to Look for in an Outdoor TV: IP Ratings

If you are wondering what to look for in an outdoor TV, the best place to start is with their IP code (AKA IP rating). All outdoor TVs have a two digit IP code. In fact, anything that is rated for outdoor use will have an IP code. An IP code in a nutshell is an indication as to how well the outdoor TV will stand up to the elements. 

The first digit indicates how well the outdoor TV protects against like dust, dirt, blowing sand, and even insects. While the second digit tells you how well it will guard against water and moisture. Both of which are important factors to consider before choosing an outdoor TV for your backyard. 

The ratings scale goes from 1 to 7, with one being no protection and seven being the highest protection. A good IP rating for an outdoor TV is IP55. This is the type of rating you’ll for every Sunbrite outdoor TV.

What to Look for in an Outdoor TV: Amount of Sunlight & Temperature

Obviously an outdoor TV in a veranda, won’t require the same features as one in direct sunlight. With that in mind, your outdoor TV should operate safely in the upper and lower temperature limits of your region. For example, San Diego temperature ranges between 50°F to 77°F so you need an outdoor TV that can handle that range.

In addition to this, you’ll also need to match your outdoor TV to how much sunlight you expect it to receive. For example, if your outdoor TV is in the direct sunlight you’ll need a TV that is built for that. With this in mind, we offer some insight on Sunbrite’s line of outdoor TVs (full shade, partial sun, and full sun below).

SunBriteTV Models

Which SunBriteTV is Right for you?

Choosing The Right Outdoor TV

All SunBriteTVs share the features that make them the right choice for outside use: brighter than indoor TVs, weatherproof (protection against salty air, rain, insects, humidity), weatherproof cable connections, and a warranty that’s valid for outdoor use. Whether you want to host a fun family movie night, or have an outdoor Netflix watch party, SunBriteTV has an outdoor TV to suit every need. When taking a look at the options below, please take note that each series has its own distinct application. For example, the Pro Series is best used poolside (and will work will fun sun) whereas the Veranda Series is normally used on patios and porches (where there is full shade).

SunBriteTV has Three Distinct Series:

  • Veranda Series: full shade for (patios, porches, sunrooms)
  • Signature Series: partial sun or high ambient light (pergolas, partially covered decks)
  • Pro Series: full sun and active areas (poolside, outdoor seating areas)

Most people don’t spend enough time planning any installation, let alone one for their backyard. Working with the right outdoor entertainment integration contractor like Shultz Audio Video will ensure you save a lot of time, money, and energy. With the right planning, we will help you figure out where power will go, how and where cables will be run and ensure proper placement so you are in control of your entertainment.

Outdoor TV Installation

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