Project Description

Client: Hooters Plaza Bonita Hooters San Marcos

Location: Plaza Bonita Shopping Mall (New Location), and San Marcos

Challenge: Hooters needed a way to create an impact on their patrons. Ultimately they wanted to gain the reputation of being a place where patrons came to enjoy the ambiance, eat great food while having an immersive audiovisual experience, one that had such an impact, they would be back for more. The request from management: we want the music loud, and the TVs big! Additionally, Hooters also had a security challenge. On a daily basis sports bars are faced with a large range of security challenges… Hooters needed a bar security camera system that would allow them to have eyes on the places most needed.

Solution: Create an Immersive Sports Bar Audio Video, Security and Surveillance System, and Build a Jumbotron:

The System Solution:

Jumbotron, Created by Stacking 8 80” Flat Screen TVs

Video Wall, Created by using 25 Flat Panel TVs (Totaling 2200 Inches of TV Viewing)

Video Matrix System, Controlled by an iPad & Video Matrix

Video Sources: 10 Direct TVs allowing Hooters to run up to 10 video sources simultaneously, covering multiple games and other events.

Earth Shaking Sound: 10 JBL Commercial Speakers with Crown Amplifiers, and JBL Ceiling Mounted Subwoofers

Zoned Audio: Created 4 Zones of Audio

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