Project Description

Powered by Control4, this home has fully integrated smart home features including: Lighting, Security, Surveillance, Custom Wall Mounted TVs, Outdoor Audio System, Whole Home Audio System and Shade Control.

To Make The System A Fully Integrated Smart Home Equipped with Indoor and Outdoor Audio And Security We Installed:
  1. Control4 EA-5
  2. Shade Control
  3. Episode Landscape Series Speakers Kit-LS-4
  4. 65 inch Samsung Frame TV in Multiple Rooms
  5. 75 Inch TV
  6. 82 Inch Samsung Q Series Gameroom
  7. Panelized Lighting no light switches only key pads for ultimate scene control
  8. Front Gate C4 DS2 Intercom with Gate Release
  9. Control 4 DS2 Intercom with Gate Release (ties in with Intercom Everywhere by Control4)
  10. Luma Surveillance Cameras throughout the property inside and outside
  11. Whole House Audio System that follows you from the inside to the outdoors 
  12. In Ceiling Outdoor Speakers with Grills