A home with Control4, is a smart home. And, a true smart home system is one that helps make life more convenient. Unlike other smart home systems, Control4 is personalized for the way you live. With a system like this, you and your family can control devices and systems in the home in ways that are easy and fun to use.

Imagine waking up to your favorite playlist, the shades gently rising to let the sun in, as the temperature adjusts to the perfect level. And, with a simple voice command, you can dim the lights while you relax with the family at dinnertime. Then when it’s time to go to bed, tuck the kids in and tap a button to lock the doors, turn off the lights, and set the alarm before you turn in.

From smart locks to video doorbells and smart lighting to music that you can stream in every room, Control4 smart living experiences can be personalized for any size home or budget.

With this in mind, we offer some insight on how Control4 can simply your life.

Control 4

The Control4 Smart Home OS is the platform that simplifies life.

Control4 Smart Home OS

The Platform That Simplifies

Imagine if your home managed itself. Your lights know when to turn on or off. And, your doors lock as you leave. From the time you wake up until the time you go to bed, you home takes care of you. Control4 offers smart home solutions that deliver peace of mind, comfort, convenience, and a whole lot of wow. And, with Control4’s Smart Home OS, the technology you’ve accumulated in your home, is simplified.

Control4 also puts you in control of your experience. With unmatched personalization capabilities, your smart home is uniquely your own. In fact, Control4 homeowners love how easy it is to change how they interact with their system after they’ve lived with it for a while. 

So, whether you choose smart lighting, smart door locks, streaming multi-room music, climate control, a home theater, or a simple one-room universal remote entertainment system, Control4 has you covered.

You’ve imagined life in a Control4 Smart Home. When you have a Control4 Smart Home OS installed into your home, the technology integration possibilities become almost endless. And, when everything in your smart home works together, life’s better.

Smart Home OS 3

Control4 empowers you with full control and management of everything.

An Intelligent Home

Always Keeps You In The Know
Stay informed and in control of everything happening in and around your home.

Work with us in confidence to design the smart home of your dreams.

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For many homeowners, installing and managing everything in the smart home is time consuming and complicated. We eliminate this complexity by delivering stronger, safer, and easier-to-use smart home experiences that are custom designed to meet your family’s needs. Contact us today at (760) 505-7461 to book your complimentary smart home assessment or simply send us a message by clicking on the button below to fill out the contact form. Let Certified Control4 Dealer, Shultz Audio Video help you achieve your smart home dreams today!