Super Bowl 2018

Gearing UP For the Big Game

Super Bowl 2018

Gear Up For the Big Game

As the countdown to America’s biggest annual sporting event in the world Super Bowl 2018 continues, do you have a the right home theater set up? From the crashing and banging of helmets and pads, and coaches yelling from the sidelines, by gearing up for the big game with the right home theater set up you will have a truly epic experience! When it comes to Super Bowl LII this year the stakes are so high.

Whether you are rooting for the Philadelphia Eagles or the New England Patriots, one thing is clear… having the right sound and visuals to feed your spirit will help if the score is up or down. Even if you are down by two touchdowns in the forth quarter, wouldn’t it be nice to do it with jaw dropping images and sound that makes you feel alive! You may just have the spirit to overcome! So, if you know what it means to be a real fan, make sure you have the right home theater set up by kick off!

Hosting Friends for Super Bowl

With the big game kicking off at 6:30pm on Sunday, February 4, for those who are hosting some friends for Super Bowl, and considering an upgrade to your home theater system, Shultz Audio Video can help! Whether you want to impress your friends with 360 degrees of awesome using your Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision enabled products, or simply looking to enhance your home entertainment system, do it with Dolby Atmos enabled equipment. For sound that moves all around you, and a picture so colorful and exquisite, you won’t believe your eyes and ears. In fact, the experience you get from Dolby Atmos enabled speakers and Dolby Vision enabled display technology is so incredible, you won’t be able to focus on anything else!

Gear Up For the Big Game


Dolby Atmos transports you into the story with moving audio that flows all around you with breathtaking realism.

Designing A Home Entertainment with Dolby Atmos

Audio systems for home entertainment used to be simple. Today, however, we have a wide range of choices from the way systems are wired (or not). Or amplified, and controlled, to the protocols used for streaming as well as surround sound to the selection of speakers and where to put them. With this in mind, we offer some insight into why you need a system built using Dolby Atmos, and Dolby Vision technology.


Dolby Vision HDR brings extraordinary color, contrast, and brightness to the screen, transforming your viewing experience.

Understanding Dolby Vision™

Dramatic Imaging

Dolby Vision HDR transforms your TV experience with dramatic imaging that brings your entertainment to life. Dolby Atmos® will transport you from the ordinary into the extraordinary with breathtaking, moving audio that fills your room and flows around you. And because Dolby Atmos is built into a Dolby Vision enabled TV, it’s never been easier to get the Dolby Atmos experience at home. Discover a world of sights and sounds like never before, and experience powerful, moving audio that fills your room and moves around you. Dolby Vision HDR imaging and Dolby Atmos sound will transform your TV into an entertainment powerhouse.

How It Transforms Your TV Into An Entertainment Powerhouse

  • Lifelike Experience: delivers amazing realism for both image and sound that’s vivid, nuanced, and powerful
  • Automatically Optimized: picture and audio automatically adapt to your TV’s display and speakers to deliver the best possible experience
  • Cinema Technology: adapted to your TV to provide advanced imaging and audio for your home entertainment
  • Lots of Content: enjoy a growing number of movies, 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray™ discs, shows, and games being created for both Dolby Vision™ and Dolby Atmos®
  • Greater Convenience: Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos give you the best picture and sound without having to calibrate or adjust your settings
Dolby Atmos Enabled Speakers


Dolby Vision transforms your TV experience with dramatic imaging—incredible brightness, contrast, and color that bring entertainment to life before your eyes.

Available on Select LG TVs ONLY

All LG Super UHD TVs feature HDR Super, which includes premium Dolby Vision™ in addition to industry-standard HDR10 together in one TV. Samsung and Sony don’t. And 2016 OLED 4K TVs offer the same combination of HDR support, plus perfect black and cinematic color.

LG OLED Dolby Vision


High Dynamic Range Done Right

An LG OLED is one of very few TVs with active HDR with Dolby Vision. Dolby Vision is a technology that makes cinema-like quality a reality. Thus, making an LG OLED TV one of very TVs with Dolby Vision. An LG OLED TV allows you to enjoy the best shows and movies at home with cinema-like quality. It is the complete home theater experience.

LG OLED Dolby Vision

Dolby Vision™

Now Available Om Select LG TVs

Against the infinite, inky darkness of perfect black, colors pop and images come alive. LG OLED pixels are what make it all possible, each turning on and off individually for truly infinite contrast. LG OLED TV is the ultimate expression of a cinema-quality experience in the home. Premium content achieves the pinnacle of picture quality thanks to Active HDR with Dolby Vision™. The Dolby Atmos® audio is just as impressive, surrounding the audience as in the most advanced theaters. Straight from state-of-the-art theaters to the home, Dolby Atmos® creates sound that can appear to come from anywhere. Crickets all around, explosions from above, a villain laughing behind you. With an LG OLED TV, audio becomes an incredibly realistic, immersive experience.

Triad Speakers In Room Silver LR-H | Atmos

Chosen By Dolby® To Bring Atmos® To Life

Dolby® Atmos® is a dramatic new multidimensional object-oriented sound technology that redefines the audiovisual experience. Working with Dolby®, Triad has created a radical new line of recessed and freestanding speakers capable of moving the sounds of individual objects all around you, even overhead. It’s sound you have to experience to believe.

Triad’s newest front home theater speaker is actually two separate speaker systems cleverly incorporated into a single handsome cabinet. The front-firing speaker system is basically a Silver LCR, which provides authoritative direct sound to the listening area. A unique array on the top of the speaker serves as a height channel. And, the four-driver array fires a focused sound to the ceiling, carrying discrete Atmos effects. Other front height speakers don’t offer the dramatic focus and localization of the Triad Atmos-enabled speakers. Dolby suggests using at least four upward-firing speakers to reproduce the Atmos channels.

Dolby Atmos Enabled Speakers Triad Speakers