Virtual Meeting Equipment

If you want to make remote work more productive and engaging, having the right virtual meeting equipment is key. This means, if you want your employees to be successful, they are going to need more than just a mobile phone and laptop. For example, if you have expect them to attend virtual meetings, do they have adequate cameras? If you want your employees to function effectively during virtual meetings, they need the right tools. Remote meetings via video must be stable, accessible and reliable. Because of this, what you don’t want to do is try to cut costs in your hardware. After all, five minutes spent fighting with hardware translates to wasted time (and time is money)! 

What Equipment is Needed for a Virtual Meeting?

You can’t have a virtual meeting without the right hardware setup. At bare minimum you’ll need an internet connection, and a device with audio and video capabilities. But for a successful video conference, you need more than the average tools. However, when it comes to A/V setups there’s no one-size-fits-all configuration that’s best for remote working. It really depends on your needs and whether your team has a hybrid configuration of is fully distributed.

Either way, your video calls will only be as good as the tools you invest in. This includes video conferencing software and hardware like cameras and microphones. Aside from this, physical spaces like home offices, conference rooms, huddle rooms and boardrooms all play a factor in the type of equipment you’ll need for successful virtual meetings. With that in mind, we offer some insight on the best virtual meeting equipment for each type of physical space.

Virtual Meeting Equipment for Small Meeting Rooms

Smaller rooms like huddle rooms can only fit about four to six people. So, you’ll need a wide view camera and a microphone. We recommend the Yamaha CS-700 is an all-in-one system. This wall-mounted ZOOM certified video conferencing system mounts right under the display, solving the problem of table space. It also uses an ultra-wide 120° lens thus eliminating the need to continually pan throughout the room. In addition to this, the system also features a beamforming microphone array that picks up every word spoken in the room.

Conference Rooms & Boardrooms

Medium sized rooms like conference rooms, and larger rooms like boardrooms need more than an all-in-one-solution. That’s because as your room gets bigger everyone will be more spread out and likely too far away from the microphone for it to pick up their voices. For this reason, we recommend the ADECIA Tabletop Microphone & Line Array Speaker Solution and the Huddly L1 camera.

Speakers & Microphones

These system automatically detects all components and configures them to be optimized for the room environment. Additionally, it also accounts for the location of speakers and microphones. And the best part, it has a voice tracking function that automatically selects the microphone closest to the person speaking.

Camera: Huddle L1

The Huddly L1 video conferencing camera provides Full-HD video. In addition to this, it also captures everyone in sharp quality, thanks to a large image sensor and a custom lens. It can also retain an overview of the entire room, even while zoomed in. This allows it to capture data such as meeting room usage, occupancy, and people count.

Professional Video for Home Offices

For effective, professional video calls, businesses and remote workers need five pieces of equipment and hardware:

Video Quality Matters

When working from home, video quality matters, which is why we recommend the Huddly GO. This wide-angle camera gives you an outstanding video experience, straight out of the box. And, it works on all communication platforms like Meet, Teams, and Zoom. It is USB-powered and suitable for desktop and laptop, Mac and PC.

San Diego Video Conferencing System Installation

There are no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to virtual meeting equipment. More than anything, finding the right equipment depends on the size of the room where you will be using it. Let us help you determine the best video conferencing equipment for all of your conference rooms, huddle rooms or boardrooms. We can install the latest technology in your office and make sure your remote team has the right technology and equipment for virtual meetings. Contact us at (760) 505-7461 to book an appointment.