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San Diego, are you looking for tips on the best outdoor TV & audio setup? Would you like to listen to music while working in the garden? Or better yet, watch TV on your patio or deck? Just think about it, streaming your favorite tunes or movie during a perfect sunset. Either way, having the ideal outdoor entertainment setup will allow you to do more with your outdoor living space. But, before you get started, it’s important understand that an outdoor entertainment system is more than just a set of mounted speakers on your deck. To help you get started, we offer some insight on setups for smaller intimate spaces and entertainment setups for large outdoor spaces.

SunBriteTV TV

Outdoor Entertainment Setup One

Deck, Patio or Porch

For homeowners with smaller outdoor living spaces like a porch, patio or deck this setup option is ideal. That being said, even if you do have a large outdoor space, you will still need the right setup for the smaller outdoor areas. It might be the area where grilling happens, or where you might enjoy your meals on a beautiful day. Regardless, for these smaller outdoor spaces, you don’t need a ton of firepower to achieve crisp, loud, and satisfying audio.

That being said, the outdoor speakers right for your setup will depend on a few different factors. For instance, if you have a covered porch area or pergola or overhang, in-ceiling speakers work well. However, if your outdoor area is mostly an open space, then surface mounted speakers are probably going to be the preferable option. Below we list the outdoor speaker options for these types of spaces.

Types of Outdoor Speakers & Common Uses:

  • Surface Mount Speakers: most commonly seen mounted under the eaves, provides optimal audio quality on the porch or patio.
  • In-ceiling Speakers: this type architectural speaker is installed in a covered patio ceiling (can be used for surround sound when watching movies outdoors).
  • Subwoofers (burial or surface): for uniform coverage and to reduce hot-spotting, we recommend using at least two subs.
Types of Outdoor Speakers

Outdoor Entertainment Setup Two

Getting Sound to Gardens, Pool Areas & Beyond

To enjoy music across a larger yard, you’ll need to cover different areas or “zones” with sound. So, for starters… the number one thing you need to do is determine the number of outdoor speakers you will need. You can figure this out by walking and measuring the perimeter of your outdoor living space. The goal is, even coverage so you’ll need to use a combination of different speakers depending on your needs. Important to make note of: more outdoor speakers will help create more uniform even coverage. So, you should place them every 20 to 40 feet.

Types of Outdoor Speakers & Where To Use Them:

  • Landscape Speakers: landscape speakers are great for distributing sound and a great option for those who want to listen in an area that’s farther away from your house like the pool area
  • Surface Mount Speakers: most commonly seen mounted under the eaves, provides optimal audio quality in wide dispersion audio systems for (porchpatio or deck)
  • Rock Speakers: rock speakers are designed to disappear in your landscape and can be used anywhere 
  • In-ceiling Speakers: this type architectural speaker is installed in a covered patio ceiling
  • Subwoofers (burial or surface): for uniform coverage and to reduce hot-spotting, we recommend using at least two subs
SunBriteTV Models

Which SunBriteTV is Right for you?

Choosing The Right Outdoor TV

All SunBriteTVs share the features that make them the right choice for outside use: brighter than indoor TVs, weatherproof (protection against salty air, rain, insects, humidity), weatherproof cable connections, and a warranty that’s valid for outdoor use. Whether you want to host a fun family movie night, or have an outdoor Netflix binge party, SunBriteTV has an outdoor TV to suit every need. When taking a look at the options below, please take note that each series has its own distinct application. For example, the Pro Series is best used poolside (and will work will fun sun) whereas the Veranda Series is normally used on patios and porches (where there is full shade).

SunBriteTV has Three Distinct Series:

  • Veranda Series: full shade for (patios, porches, sunrooms)
  • Signature Series: partial sun or high ambient light (pergolas, partially covered decks)
  • Pro Series: full sun and active areas (poolside, outdoor seating areas)

Most people don’t spend enough time planning any installation, let alone one for their backyard. Working with the right outdoor entertainment integration contractor like Shultz Audio Video will ensure you save a lot of time, money, and energy. With the right planning, we will help you figure out where power will go, how and where cables will be run and ensure proper placement so you are in control of your entertainment.

Outdoor TV & Outdoor Speaker Installation

Professional Design & Installation

Picture this: it’s the perfect afternoon warm sunshine, an unplanned get together with family and friends. The drinks are flowing; the steaks are sizzling on the grill, but there’s no music. It sounds so simple really. But adding that one crucial element, the entertainment, makes it all so perfect. Make the most out of your outdoor space with a professionally installed outdoor entertainment solution.

With years of experience, our team of outdoor TV and outdoor speaker system installation experts can help you design your outdoor entertainment system. When you are ready to add the best outdoor TV & audio setup and want the best solutions, products and installation services, call Shultz Audio VideoSan Diego’s trusted source for outdoor audio installation and home automation integration.

Enjoy your favorite music near the pool, on the deck, patio, porch, or backyard with discreet, weatherproof speakers. Or, watch the game outside with a glare-resistant outdoor TV. Whether you’re having a pool installed or completing a full outdoor makeover, we’ll give you a custom system that fits your needs and budget.

Here is Our Process: 

1. Consultation
a) Arrange a complimentary in-home or site visit at your convenience.
b) Discuss your needs and priorities for your Lifestyle.
c) Inform you of products and solutions we feel would be of interest to you.
d) Suggest and discuss possible general solutions.
e) Leave you with reading material on our services and relevant products. 

2. Design
a) Create an outdoor system proposal based on your needs and budget.
b) Include different options at different price points.
c) Arrange a home visit to explain proposed system and answer any questions.
d) Make any changes and then agree on a final system.
e) Create a fully specified system plan with wiring diagrams and schematics. 

3. Installation
a) Coordinate a time that best suits your schedule.
b) Installation basic and specialist cabling.
c) Installation of equipment.
d) Connect, configure and test full system.
e) In home training on how to use the system. 

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