Designing an Office Audio System

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Designing an office audio system can be an overwhelming task if you don’t know what you are doing. But, if the ideal customer experience for your business involves sound, then you need a commercial audio system. Whether it be a calming mood in the waiting area, a little white noise to align with your corporate culture, background music when done correctly, can be a powerful addition to your office space. However, it can also become more of a nuisance and distraction if not done right. For this reason, we offer some tips on things to consider when designing an office audio system.

Key Considerations

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Whether you own a business, sports bar, restaurantfitness or yoga studio, or retirement community, music can influence behavior making it one of the most powerful tools you have. Unfortunately, far too many business owners make the mistake of assuming that the best audio systems are those with the most speakers. But the truth is, this misconception can be costly. The reality is, there are a number of variables that you’ll need to consider first. Base your decisions on your goals as well as the size and layout of your office space.

Key Considerations for a Successful Office Audio System Design:

  • Number of rooms that need coverage
  • Size of each room 
  • Materials in the room for the acoustics
  • Ambient noise levels
  • What input sources you will be using e.g. microphones
  • How you want to control the audio system
Office Audio System Pendant Speaker

What Speakers Should You Use?

Types of Speakers for Office Audio Systems 

From restaurants to office buildings, there are different types of speakers for every office space. Below, we highlight some of the best ones suited for an office environment.

Different Types of Speaker to Suit the Environment:

  • Pendant Speakers: Ideal for office spaces with tall, open ceilings, these speakers hang from above and project sound below.
  • Architectural Speakers: This type of speaker is best in offices with ceiling heights of 8′ or 12’.
  • Surface Mount Speakers: This type of speaker is perfect for outdoor areas where there are stone walls or exposed brick walls that cannot have in wall speakers.

Please Note: all speaker types are highlighted in the graphic above…

Acoustics of the Environment

Because sound is very fluid, there are different things in every room that soak up sound and reflect it. For this reason, if  your office space is big, this is something you’ll have to take into consideration. That’s because sound is energy and the more energy you put in, the more reflections and interaction you get. So, how do you improve the acoustics in a space? The answer is acoustic treatments!

Take a look at the graphic above to see an example of an office with the right acoustic treatments added.

Office Audio System Pendant Speaker

Office Audio System: Sound for Any Space

Professional Design & Installation

No two businesses should have the same exact commercial audio system. For example, while one business may want to play the same songs throughout their entire office space. Another business may want different audio to play depending on where you are in their office. The goods news is, these are things you’ll never have to figure out alone. Leave the heavy lifting to us! All you have to do, is tell us your needs, goals and desires… and, we’ll do the rest. We design sound systems that are ideal for a wide range of commercial applications such as restaurants, sports bars, churches, fitness centers, portable PA, huddle rooms, boardrooms, conference rooms, PA systems more. Call us today at (760) 505-7461 for an in-office consultation! Or fill out the contact form below.

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