Outdoor Networking

Outdoor Networking

With the increasing number of outdoor smart devices like lighting, security cameras and garage door openers, you need to be able to extend your Wi-Fi beyond your home’s exterior walls. With today’s home networking capabilities you can extend your wireless coverage to your garden, garage, terrace, pool area, detached guest house, gaming center, lounge, shed or barn. So, whether you need to hold client meetings anywhere around the house or yard or simply want a way to provide friends with a separate network to secure and protect any personal data, now you can stay connected and secure in and around your home. Enjoy uninterrupted video streaming on your mobile devices or blast away music to the speakers in your backyard. Play music, stream videos without buffering or place your Wi-Fi video cameras anywhere around your home. Whether you are looking to keep the fun going by streaming your favorite playlist, or TV show poolside or by the grill, with a full outdoor solution that includes outdoor audio, outdoor video, and outdoor networking you’ll have the perfect solution to entertain from the indoors to the outdoors.

A Complete Outdoor Solution

Episode® Landscape Series: A Complete Outdoor Audio System

Outdoor Audio

Episode Landscape Series Speakers

Constructed with all-weather components, Episode products deliver remarkable sound in every climate. Your perfect outdoor speaker has arrived.

Outdoor TV SunBrite™ TV

Outdoor Video

SunBrite™ TV

Now you can have crystal-clear picture poolside, patio-side, and anywhere outside. Specifically designed to handle the harsh nature. Your perfect outdoor TV has arrived.

Araknis Networks 700-Series Outdoor Wireless Access Point

Outdoor Networking

Araknis Networks

Get reliable signal and fast internet speeds anywhere outdoors with the Araknis Networks 700-Series Outdoor Wireless Access Point. Your perfect networking solution has arrived.

Araknis Networks 700 Series Outdoor Wireless Access Point

Araknis Networks® 700 Series Outdoor Wireless Access Point

Movies and music are best enjoyed uninterrupted, so Araknis makes sure their products deliver a fast and reliable connection with every use. Araknis designs its wireless access points to be fast, reliable, and hassle-free, because the best network is one you never notice. A fast and reliable WAP ensures optimum performance with your wireless devices, and allows you and your family to enjoy uninterrupted Internet browsing, video, and music streaming. You can even schedule or restrict Wi-Fi access as you see fit. Broaden your Wi-Fi coverage to the patio and beyond with Araknis Networks. Sleek and powerful, the Araknis access point provides a strong, reliable Wi-Fi signal to any outdoor space.

Get reliable signal and fast internet speeds anywhere outdoors with the Araknis Networks Outdoor Wireless Access Point. Equipped with the latest wireless technology, this access point offers lightning-fast network speeds and proper coverage throughout your yard or patio. With their outdoor access point you can expand your Wi-Fi coverage well beyond your home. It operates via concurrent radio interfaces, which enables automatic dual-band steering between 2.4 and 5 GHz bands for optimal performance. And since this WAP is IP55 rated, it can be placed outdoors without being compromised by rain, wind, or dust. Keep your Wi-Fi signal strong with Araknis Networks®.

The Connected Home

San Diego Home Networking Experts

If you have ever experienced buffering while you are waiting for music to play, webpages to load, or your movie to start. The problem likely lies in your networking equipment. All-in-one modem/routers from either big box stores or your internet provider are not robust enough to cover most households needs. From your pool to your guest house, garage and grill, let us expand your wireless coverage from the indoors to the outdoors. With Araknis, we can ensure your wireless network will be able to handle anything you throw at it. We can even oversee every aspect of your home network remotely. With the help of our San Diego home WiFi specialists, you can have a future ready wired LAN or wireless network system to keep all the technology in your home functioning properly inside or outside. Not sure what you need? We want to make certain you are getting the exact solution that you need for your home. Call us today to schedule your free home network evaluation (760) 505-7461.