The Outdoor Solution

Audio + Video + Wi-Fi = Better Together

The Complete Outdoor Solution

Outdoor Audio + Outdoor Video + Outdoor Networking = Better Together

Outdoor living spaces are an essential component in a San Diego home no matter what size it is. With San Diego’s picturesque weather, homeowners have the luxury of year-round outdoor living, something you cannot find in many other cities. With always-perfect weather, it only makes sense that a home in San Diego is equipped with a full outdoor solution that includes outdoor audio, outdoor video, and outdoor networking. It’s the perfect solution for those who like to entertain, because your music does not have to stop at the back door.

By installing landscape speakers around your pool, deck, or patio you can enjoy your favorite music anywhere. From broadening your Wi-Fi coverage to the patio and beyond, to getting a true outdoor TV that delivers a quality picture in the toughest environments, and to music evenly distributed throughout your entire outdoor living space without disturbing the neighbors. With the right outdoor solution your entertainment doesn’t have to stop at the back door. Outdoor life is one of many things people love about living in San Diego. So, why not do it with style.

There is nothing that goes better with a BBQ than music and TV. Now is time to escape the confines of indoor living. So, go ahead give the indoor kitchen the weekend off, and take the party outside. From patio to poolside, there’s an outdoor solution to match everyone’s needs.

Outdoor Audio + Outdoor TV + Outdoor Networking = Outdoor Entertainment Solution

Episode® Landscape Series Speakers

A properly designed and installed Episode Landscape Speaker System delivers loud, even sound that won’t disturb the neighbors. 

Outdoor Speakers

Outdoor speakers will transform an ordinary outdoor living space into a space meant for entertaining. In fact, you might even find yourself going outdoors more than you ever have. With the right outdoor speakers, you can turn a common living space into one that everyone can enjoy. So, if music or entertaining is your thing, adding an outdoor speaker system may be just what you are looking for. Although there are countless ways to configure a system, when even coverage is the goal, Episode Landscape Speakers is the only way to go. In fact, a properly designed and installed Episode Landscape Speaker System delivers loud, even sound that won’t disturb the neighbors.

Episode® Landscape Series

With Episode, your music doesn’t stop at the back door. Simply install landscape speakers around your pool, deck, or patio, and you can enjoy your favorite tunes anywhere.

Outdoor Audio

Episode® Landscape Series: A Complete Outdoor Audio System

With Episode, your music doesn’t stop at the back door. Built specifically to provide powerful sound for every occasion, the Episode® Landscape Series adds instant excitement to the outdoors. Top-quality speakers, a powerhouse Crown® 1,000 watt amplifier, and a beefy burial subwoofer will enable this system to hit all the high notes and provide a deep and robust sound to evenly cover any space. Whether you are looking to play soft background music, or simply want to ROCK OUT, this sound system will have you smiling from ear to ear. The Episode Landscape Speaker Kit features four premium 4” or 6” two-way speakers fueled by a powerful two-channel Crown® amplifier for the highest quality performance.

Episode® Landscape Speakers are aesthetically pleasing models that blend right into your outdoor space without missing a beat. Whatever your circumstances might be, mounted on the ground, in a tree, or under an eave, Episode® Landscape Speakers will deliver just the right level of audio without drawing attention to themselves. No matter what size your outdoor space is, Episode® Landscape’s family of products can be customized to fit, providing power, precision and the perfect amount of punch. From small backyards to large outdoor patios, you will get extraordinary sound across your entire outdoor area.

Outdoor entertainment systems need to be tough enough to handle whatever the environment dishes out. That’s why Episode® Landscape Series products are designed with heavy-duty components and tough exteriors. They’ve been tested in extreme temperatures and are sure to keep performing exceptionally for years to come. So, when investing in an outdoor audio system, make sure it is one that will last.

Episode Landscape System Design

All-Weather Outdoor TV

SunBriteTVs provide great picture in rain, extreme temperatures, and direct sunlight, from patio to poolside, there’s a SunBriteTV to match.

Outdoor TV

While an outdoor TV is a cool thing to have, it must be one meant for outdoor use. That’s because, an indoor TV is not meant for outdoor use. In fact, indoor TV manufacturers strictly prohibit outdoor use. Yet, many people still want to buy a cheap indoor TV for outdoor use. But the problem with this, is that they never consider the safety hazards they present.

The reality is, using an indoor TV outdoors will put people at risk of shock or electrocution. And, the last thing you want to do is expose people to a potential safety hazard! So you have two choices: one, you can spend money replacing an inexpensive indoor TV used outside, or two invest once in an Outdoor TV made by SunBrite™.

The Only True Outdoor TV

With SunBrite™, you can have a crystal-clear picture poolside, patio-side, and anywhere outside.

Outdoor Video

All-Weather True Outdoor TV: SunBrite™ TV

SunBriteTVs are built specifically for the outdoor environment. In fact, this is the only true outdoor TV. And, they have a reputation for toughness and durability that last for years even in the harshest of climates. SunBriteTVs are used in well-known outdoor entertainment spaces like, the, Yankee Stadium, Wrigley Field, Gillette Stadium, Marlins Park, and outside the convention center for Comic Con.

All SunBriteTVs are water-resistant, resilient, and durable. In fact, they are guaranteed to function safely and effectively in a wide variety of elements including rain, snow, extreme heat and cold, dust, salt air, and beyond. A tempered glass shield protects the LED screen in active environments, while direct-sun readable EST technology helps guard against isotropic blackout. Its powder-coated aluminum exterior shields internal components while the ultra-bright full 1080p HD / LED anti-glare screen delivers exceptional outdoor viewing quality.

SunBrite™ TV

Outdoor Wireless Access Point

Get reliable signal and fast internet speeds anywhere outdoors with the Araknis Networks 700-Series Outdoor Wireless Access Point.

Outdoor Networking

Araknis Networks 700-Series Outdoor Wireless Access Point

Araknis designs its wireless access points to be fast, reliable, and hassle-free. That’s because, a fast and reliable WAP ensures optimum performance with your wireless devices. As a result, it allows you and your family to enjoy uninterrupted Internet browsing as well as video, and music streaming. What’s even better is that you can even schedule or restrict Wi-Fi access as you see fit.

Broaden your Wi-Fi coverage to the patio and beyond with Araknis Networks. Sleek and powerful, the Araknis access point provides a strong, reliable Wi-Fi signal to any outdoor space. Get a reliable signal and fast internet speeds anywhere outdoors with the Araknis Networks Outdoor Wireless Access Point.

Araknis Networks 700-Series Outdoor Wireless Access Point
Episode® Landscape Series: A Complete Outdoor Audio System

Outdoor Audio

Episode Landscape Series Speakers

Constructed with all-weather components, Episode products deliver remarkable sound in every climate. Your perfect outdoor speaker has arrived.

Outdoor TV SunBrite™ TV

Outdoor Video

SunBrite™ TV

Now you can have crystal-clear picture poolside, patio-side, and anywhere outside. Specifically designed to handle the harsh nature. Your perfect outdoor TV has arrived.

Araknis Networks 700-Series Outdoor Wireless Access Point

Outdoor Networking

Araknis Networks

Get reliable signal and fast internet speeds anywhere outdoors with the Araknis Networks 700-Series Outdoor Wireless Access Point. Your perfect networking solution has arrived.

Why Use Shultz Audio Video

Outdoor entertainment systems shouldn’t be an afterthought. From start to finish, we build outdoor entertainment systems tailored specifically to every outdoor space and each client’s unique needs. This helps us deliver exceptional sound throughout any outdoor living space regardless of size.

Outdoor spaces come in all shapes and sizes. For this reason, we encompass a range of design and installation techniques that allow us to build any system imaginable. What sets us apart from the competition is our ability to provide impeccable sound and even coverage! Call us today to schedule an outdoor audio demo (760) 505-7461.