Smart Lighting


Smart Lighting

Go Ahead—Make a “Scene”

Whether you want to brighten or dim a light in one room or many throughout the entire home, smart lighting can help you do that. Whether you want to light up your deck or emphasize water features in the backyard or highlight beautiful landscaping features in the front yard lighting control will help you do that and more.

From convenience and energy efficiency to more security, lighting is even smart enough to control other things. Start a movie, turn down the temperature, or lock the doors throughout your house, the possibilities are endless when you are using Control4! What’s great about smart lighting, is that it can be added to a frequently used room like a home theater or family room to give it that fully automated touch you have always wanted!

With different types of interactions, such as a touch screen that allows for easy dimming of any light, a dedicated keypad that activates a “scene” at the touch of one button, or control of the lights using just a voice command, with Control4 smart lighting in command, your environment becomes both brilliant and beautiful. Every home has areas which are frequented by the family that can benefit from smart lighting.

So, why not create a scene to tailor lighting to your life. 


Smart Lighting Benefits

The benefits of smart lighting aren’t limited to new homes and construction projects. Even older homes can be automated with the brilliance of Control4.

Go Ahead—Make a “Scene”

How Control4 smart lighting is controlled, or how you set your moods in each room, is unique to your needs. Here are only a few examples of the possibilities:

  • In the Kitchen: A “Cooking Scene” could start your favorite playlist and turn on the kitchen lights while dinner is being prepared
  • At Bedtime: A “Goodnight Scene” could turn off all lights, locks your doors, arms the security system and turn the thermostat to a desired setting
  • Coming Home From Work: A “Welcome Scene” could turn lights on in the house turn automatically as the garage opens

Smart Lighting Solutions

Smart lighting can be added to rooms you use frequently like the kitchen, family room, master bedroom, or home theater.

One Room Smart Lighting Control

Main Living Areas

Every home has areas which that can benefit from lighting control. Some examples include, the kitchen, family room, master bedroom, media room, or multipurpose entertainment area. For dedicated home theaters and family rooms, lighting control can help set the mood and create an ambiance perfect for watching a movie or relaxing together.

Smart lighting in your main living areas provides you the benefit of taking advantage of lighting control in many different situations throughout the day. From waking in the morning to entertaining your friends, the next time you go to bed, turning off the lights is as easy as saying, “It’s Time For Bed”. That’s the magic and brilliance of a lighting control system built using Control4.

And with different types of interactions, such as a touch screen that allows for easy dimming of your lights, a dedicated keypad that can activate a scene, or control of your lights using a simple voice command, controlling your home is easy and intuitive. And, we can even program the lights to respond to your schedule, without any touch at all.

These are the things that make lighting control both brilliant and beautiful.

One Room Smart Lighting Control


With Control4, one beautiful, easy-to-use interface gives you simple and fast access to the technology in your home.

Smart Lighting Solutions

Lighting control is a good starting point for anyone interested in building a smart home. With lighting control, you can change the atmosphere in your home instantly. But the best thing about it is that it makes things convenient! Think of all of the lights in your home. Add to that, the number of corresponding light switches. Then, consider the amount of time you spend each day, especially at night, to turn them all off. But, with smart lighting you’ll never have to do that again. From waking in the morning, to entertaining, and to going to bed, smart lighting makes life more enjoyable. Contact us today at (760) 505-7461 to book your complimentary smart home assessment or simply send us a message by clicking on the button below to fill out the contact form.