Building Smart Homes

Building Smart Homes

Technology has impacted the way homes are being built. In fact, as technology continues to be an integral part of our daily lives, homebuyers are now willing to pay extra for smart home features. This means, homebuilders must find ways to incorporate technology into the homes they build to stay competitive. Today’s homes should be more capable than ever. And, as a homebuilder, it is your job to make sure your homes are not obsolete right from the start. In today’s world, everybody wants to get their hands on the latest tech. And homebuyers are no different.

From simple features such as voice controlled lighting to complete home automation control systems, there are an infinite number of possibilities to customize how tech-enabled a home can be. And while it all starts with the right structured wiring to ensure smart home controls can actually be added, including technology that adds value to the homebuyer is not only a smart thing to do, but also the right thing to do. Because, when it comes to buying a new home these days, connected is expected!

By building smart homes with a variety of smart connected solutions, your homes will be highly desirable as soon as they hit the market!

Smart Home Technology

Smart Home Technology

Smart home technology is being embraced by everyone, making our lives at home more connected than ever before. From an app on a smart phone that lets the homeowner know their delivery has arrived, to connected lighting systems that can be controlled with your voice. With smart technology features in demand from buyers, it makes sense to consider how offering it can only benefit your bottom line.

Today, homebuyers want smart home tech built into their homes. They want a turnkey solution that enables them to set up their profile and start using their devices the day they move in. By focusing on things that enhance one’s life at home like lighting control, security, and temperature control, you are meeting the needs of today’s homebuyers and at the same time adding just the right amount of smart without going over budget.

Control4 CA-1

Control4 CA-1 Automation Controller

With the barrage of do-it-yourself smart devices, people are excited about smart technology. From thermostats and cameras to door locks and lighting, all these products should work together to create a complete smart home experience. With this in mind, we introduce the Control4 CA-1 Automation Controller. Engineered to deliver complete smart home experience around comfort, convenience, and peace of mind.

The CA-1 is designed to keep things simple. This simple approach eliminates cost and complexity, allowing you to attract more buyers with an offering that they cannot refuse. The CA-1 includes:

  • Single-core 1 GHz ARM processor
  • Ethernet and WiFi (N/G/B, 2.4 GHz)
  • ZigBee and optional Z-Wave support
  • External WiFi and ZigBee antennas for rock-solid wireless connectivity
  • Serial (RS-232) for control
  • PoE or DC power options
  • Compact design to be discreetly placed on a shelf or mounted on the wall

The attractive price and simple design makes the Control4 CA-1 the right foundation for a starter level smart package. For homebuilders and developers looking for an affordable yet powerful smart solution that can be deployed in every house when integration with entertainment equipment is not a requirement, this is the right solution for you.

Control4’s family of automation controllers are purpose built to help you create the perfect automated home based on the experiences that are most important to your prospective homebuyers. The CA-1 Automation Controllers are primarily used for smart home experiences built around smart lighting, HVAC, IP cameras, door locks, shades, and other IoT devices.

  • The press of a button arms the alarm, locks the doors, and turns out the lights
  • Unlocking the door automatically opens the shades and turns on the lamp
  • Receive a notification when your kids get home or a delivery arrives
  • A voice scene adjusts the thermostat and dims the lights
  • The home looks lived in even when you are away
Control4 CA-1 Home Automation Control
Smart Home Control Installation Partner

Smart Home Control Installation Partner

Today’s homebuyers want more then great countertops and appliances. Your prospective homebuyers expect to be connected. From climate control and home networking to lighting, entertainment, and everything in between. Differentiate the homes you build by including smart home solutions that simplify life. Homeowners can start with one room or solution, with plans to add more over time. Or they can choose to have a full featured, whole-home automation system right from the start. By partnering with Shultz Audio Video, you can meet the needs of today’s homebuyers with smart home solutions designed to enhance their daily lives without going over budget. Contact us today at (760) 505-7461 and let us help you set your business apart by constructing homes that include smart home technology that today’s homebuyers expect.