Lighting Control

Make Your Home Smart In Time For The Holidays

Make your home smart in time for the holidays with a Control4 smart lighting control solution. From wired to wireless, and whole home to just one room, today’s lighting control solutions are smarter than ever. In fact, with the right lighting control solution you can tailor each room to a desired vibe. Which is great for anyone who likes to host holiday parties! So, when your guests are ready for dinner, you set the mood.

Light a pathway from your living room to your dining room with lighting that follows you. You can even automate your Christmas lights when its time eat. Or, better yet, sync your lights with your holiday playlist. With the right smart lighting control solution, you can spend less time turning things on and off, and more time enjoying family and friends. 

One-Room & Main Living Area Lighting Control

Do you have different areas in your home that you frequent more than others? Then, you can benefit from lighting control. Whether it is your kitchen, family room, master bedroom, or front porch, lighting control can be added anywhere. When you add lighting control to your main living areas, you can tailor your home for many different situations. From waking in the morning to going to bed, your lights will brighten or dim as you need them to. In fact, you can set the mood in a way that is as unique and personal as your home and the way you live. So, whether you want to brighten up your deck or emphasize your best water features, you can do all that and more with lighting control.

Whole Home Lighting Control

Your home is more than walls and a roof. And, more than simply a functional space. The home is a place where we experience comfort and peace. With whole-home lighting control, you provide that consistent experience throughout your home. For example, pressing the “Pathway” button between 9 p.m. and 5 a.m. creates a path of light to your bathroom. And, pressing it after 5 a.m. creates a path of light to your kitchen.

The convenience of whole home means you can set the lights to the perfect level or turn them all off when you are going the bed. And, the best part of it, is that you can do with the touch of a button or simple voice command! Improve energy efficiency with porch lights that turn on and off on a schedule and lights in a room that turn off when you leave. Do all of this and more, with a whole home lighting solution by Control4.

Lighting Control & Home Automation Installation

Lighting control is a good starting point for anyone interested in building a smart home. With it, you can transform the environment in your home instantly. But the best thing about it, is that it makes things convenient! Think of all of the lights in your home and the number of corresponding light switches. Now, consider the amount of time you spend each day, especially at night, turning them off.

With the right solution your days of making the rounds at night are over! So, if you are ready to make your home smarter this holiday season with our home automation solutions, contact us at (760) 505-7461. Or, book a complimentary smart home assessment. To do this, simply send us a message by clicking on the button below to fill out the contact form.