Commercial Grade Outdoor Speakers

Are you looking for the best commercial grade outdoor speakers for your San Diego business? Outdoor areas offer the ultimate mixture of atmosphere and entertainment. Everything from patio seating at a restaurant to hotel pool areas, with speakers designed specifically for the outdoors, you can provide an experience your guests will love. With this in mind, we offer some insight on the best commercial grade outdoor speakers by Coastal Source.

Commercial Grade Outdoor Speakers by Coastal Source

Capable of unparalleled performance with a superior experience over massive listening areas, here’s why we use Coastal Source. Outdoor spaces present different acoustical challenges than indoor spaces. With Coastal Source outdoor speakers, these challenges are easy to overcome. Coastal Source speakers have large driver areas that deliver robust power handling, efficiency, sound pressure level, and wide frequency responses.

In addition to this, a high-quality crossover separates frequencies and efficiently distributes the appropriate ranges to the tweeters, woofers, and subwoofers. Additionally, a pivoting tweeter optimizes sound dispersion toward the desired listening areas. Finally, an accompanying buried or above-ground subwoofer provides deep, rich bass to the surface. The result is big, dynamic audio that sounds amazing everywhere.

Coastal Source 3-Way Ellipse Bollards

The Coastal Source 3-Way Ellipse Bollard is a 3-Way In/Above Ground Bi-Amplified Full Range Speaker with an 8 inch Subwoofer. We use it for direct burial applications where directional sound is desired with simplistic contemporary style. It has a large driver area compared to conventional outdoor speakers offering higher performance, higher efficiency, and higher fidelity. The large enclosure size allows for this to be a completely full-range speaker.

Coastal Source Bollard Subwoofers

Coastal Source designed the Bollard subs to offer a high level of industrial design and stealthiness to blend into outdoor environments. We use these subwoofers in above ground and buried installations. The sub also includes the company’s plug-and-play setup system to help expedite its setup and it integrates into existing systems too.

Line Source Bollards: Commercial Grade Outdoor Speakers

These outdoor speakers take full advantage of line array technology for high SPL and fidelity over very long distances. It utilizes patent pending variable waveguide technology to further enhance typical line array performance with constant coverage of near-field, mid-field, and far-field  listening areas. The integrated high power bandpass subwoofer fills out the full frequency range. Its incredible efficiency is matched with 1,000w power handling to make this speaker a true outdoor marvel.

Commercial Sound System Installation

Details are important when it comes to creating the right ambiance. Bring your outdoor entertainment area to life with outdoor speakers. Fill the environment with background music, and even full WiFi coverage. Not sure which speakers you need? We specialize in outdoor speaker system design and installationLeave the heavy lifting to us! All you have to do, is tell us your needs, goals and desires… and, we’ll do the rest. We design sound systems that are ideal for a wide range of commercial applications such as restaurants, sports bars, churches, fitness centershuddle rooms, boardrooms, conference rooms, PA systems more. Call us today at (760) 505-7461 to book an appoinment! Or fill out the contact form below.