High Speed Internet in Rancho Santa Fe

High Speed Internet Rancho Santa Fe

For homeowners in the Rancho Santa Fe area of San Diego, high speed Internet is finally available. That being said, the only way to take advantage of the high speed Internet option now being offered by Race Communications in Rancho Santa Fe, is by ensuring you have right home WiFi set up. For example, a home in Rancho Santa Fe will not have the same set up as a home that is only 2,000 square feet. Although a mesh WiFi system will work in a smaller homes. The homes in Rancho Santa Fe are much larger. In fact, most are 4,500 square feet and above. 

For this reason, homeowners in Rancho Santa Fe should not use a mesh WiFi system. Put simply, because homes in Rancho Santa Fe are not only much larger than your average San Diego home, and because there are also more obstacles to overcome, a mesh WiFi network is not the right solution. With this in mind, we offer some insight on how to build a whole house WiFi system for homes in Rancho Santa Fe, CA.

Fiber Internet

To make things easier to understand, we will explain what fiber Internet is and how that translates into building the right whole house WiFi system for a home located in Rancho Santa Fe. Fiber Internet is a term used to describe an Internet connection that transfers data via fiber optic cables. Fiber refers to the thin glass wires inside the larger protective cables. And, optic refers to the way data is transferred (light signals). Because fiber Internet uses light instead of electricity to transmit data, the frequencies being used are much higher and data capacity is much greater as compared to older infrastructures like DSL, cable, and satellite. 

Because the fiber optic cable itself is made from glass which is not susceptible to electromagnetic interference like metal cables. Thus allowing data to flow over greater distances without degrading. Light moves very fast (186,000 miles per second), enabling speeds up to 1,000 Megabits (1 Gigabit) per second on a fiber optic network making it the fastest Internet option available today. While this is true, the only way to take advantage of the speeds offered by a fiber network is by having the right home WiFi system in place.

Gigabit Internet (High Speed Internet)

Gigabit Internet transmits up to 1 Gigabit per second (Gbps) or 1,000 Megabits per second (Mbps). Because gigabit Internet is the fastest Internet available, those who have it have the ability to transfer large amounts of data quickly and easily. This means that whether you are video chatting with business colleges across the globe or watching a movie on Netflix your connection will be seamless and quick, meaning you’ll never have to suffer with buffering issues again. 

With gigabit Internet, you’ll be able to download full HD movies, update your smartphone’s operating system in seconds, and join videoconferences with ultra-high definition video, just to name a few. This means what would take you hours to download on a slower connection like cable, DSL, or satellite can be achieved in a matter of seconds over gigabit Internet connections, provided you have the right whole house WiFi set up. 

Wireless Access Points vs. Mesh Network

They sound like the same thing and in some respects they are. They send WiFi throughout your house. But based on your home, and needs there are advantages to using wireless access points over a mesh network, especially when the home is located in Rancho Santa Fe. For homes in this area, throughput of data is especially important as it is the real-time effect of network speed in action. So, for a home in Rancho Santa Fe, building a WiFi system that increases throughput not decreases it is important. 

Mesh Network

A mesh network is one that includes multiple hubs placed around the home, each communicating with each other to provide WiFi. Each hub covers a smaller area than a wireless access point. In a mesh network, every link (hop), between routers will decrease bandwidth by half. As a result, throughput decreases rapidly. This happens because the wireless links can only do one thing at a time (transmit or receive). So, in a long chain of mesh links (multiple satellites) what you get is a slow connection from end to end. 

Wireless Access Points

In a high performance WiFi system, there will be multiple wireless access points hardwired back to a central router. As a result, throughput actually increases instead of decreasing like a mesh network does. That’s because wireless access points provide 1 Gigabit links back to the router. A wireless access point allows a device to seamlessly transition between access points, ensuring the best possible performance. 

Based on location and coverage, a wireless device will release from a weak access point connection. It will then, attach to a different access point with a stronger connection in a matter of milliseconds. Think of a hotel’s WiFi, and how you can walk the around the property without losing WiFi access.

How A Wireless Access Point by Araknis Works

How To Take Advantage Of Gigabit Internet (High Speed Internet)

Every day it seems like there is a new device jumping on your home’s wireless network. Today, everything from thermostats and lightbulbs, to smart TVs, light switches, and kitchen appliances demand wireless access. Wired connections are generally better for gigabit speeds because of their reliability and lack of interference. If you want the best benefits of gigabit Internet, you’ll need the right wired connections (wireless access points, switches, router). Here is some more insight on taking advantage of gigabit Internet.

  • Make sure your devices support the latest WiFi standards
  • Replace/Upgrade your ethernet cables if necessary 
  • Make sure your router supports gigabit speeds over the ports in the back
  • Use a hardwired connection where available such as audio visual equipment etc. 
  • Call a certified whole house WiFi specialist like Shultz Audio Video to do the work for you

Rancho Santa Fe Whole House WiFi Installation

Get Whole Home WiFi from Certified WiFi Specialists

In today’s modern home, a reliable wireless network is vital. Especially when you consider all of the devices using your Wi-Fi! From laptops to smartphones and tablets, you need a wireless signal that is strong, stable and secure. Easily stream Netflix and Apple TV, or share music libraries between home computers and portable devices. With our home networking solutions, you can stream shows and share music with all the devices in your home. Never lose your Wi-Fi signal again while watching your favorite Netflix or Amazon Prime TV shows. Contact Shultz Audio Video today at  (760) 505-7461 to book your complimentary Wi-Fi assessment, or simply click on the button below to fill out the form.