Smart Home Solutions

Smart Home Solutions

Today we are more connected than ever, from smart home devices to voice activated home control, smart homes solutions like Control4 make the orchestration of these devices working together easy and seamless. If you want to relax and entertain in a home that is more comfortable and inviting, coordinating the connected devices in your home to create personalized experiences will help you maximize your comfort, convenience, entertainment, and peace of mind. Home or away, with the smart home solutions Control4 offers you can be reassured that things are safe no matter where you are. So, if you are the eco-conscious type, or the type that likes to play their music loud in every room from multiple sources, Control4 offers just the right smart home solutions for every type.

Control4 synchronizes all of the technology in your home by creating brilliant experiences that fit your lifestyle custom tailored for the way you live. With one touch or one word, dim the lights, play the music, turn the heat on, lock the doors, and arm the security system. Or, check in on your home no matter where you are. Solutions for a smart home enhance experiences in entertainment, lighting, comfort and convenience, and safety and security. If you are looking to enjoy the luxuries of a smarter living experience, and want to update and adapt your home to your changing needs today and in the future, you are in the right place. Once you experience smarter living, you will wonder how you ever lived without it.

What is a Smart Home?

Despite the fact, there are many smart products available today; it isn’t until these devices work together in harmony, that you experience the magic of a smart home. There are more than 9,000 smart devices available today from, TVs, door locks, thermostats, and even light bulbs that you can control with apps on your smartphone. The time a home truly becomes smart, is when the connected devices make all the apps and solutions work together seamlessly.

How To Make your Home Smart

What if your remote controlled more than just your TV? Just think, what if you could use the remote to dim the lights, lock the doors, turn up the heat, and arm the alarm? Imagine living in a home that obeys your every command. Where virtually every device can be remotely controlled, and virtually every system can be fully automated. From homes small to large, new, and old, Control4 will coordinate the technology in your house into complete, brilliant experiences and interactions that fit your lifestyle and are easy for your family to enjoy.

Enjoy your favorite music and video in just one room or throughout your entire home. Bring elegance, ambiance, convenience, and energy efficiency to your whole home. Enjoy a consistently comfortable and inviting home that automatically responds to your life and maximizes energy savings. ­Have peace of mind knowing your family is safe and secure while you are away. From elegant one-touch lighting to sleek touch screens, Control4 products create intuitive home automation solutions for your smart home.


You’ll get less hassle more control, with the automation solutions Control4 offers. In fact, with Control4 you can easily and intelligently, control every aspect of your house. From your lights and security to temperature and even your music. And the best part is, you can do it even if you are miles away.

For example, when it is game time, you can have the lights dim, the shades lower and the TV tune to the right input. Or, the security system arms automatically as the lights go out the minute everyone is safe in bed. These are just a few examples of a smart home.

A Look at the Possibilities

Introducing Control4, a smart home solution designed for every home. Control4 makes it easy for you to intelligently control every aspect of your home from TVs to thermostats, door locks to drapes no matter where you are, using one simple to use interface or voice controlled command. Control4 solutions make your home more comfortable, more efficient, and more secure. Best of all, Control4 gives you the power to customize your home and live your life in ways you have never imagined.

The Possibilities:

  • Automate your home theater experience with one touch control
  • Access your home control system through your TV
  • Send HD video to any room in the house
  • Watch video from multiple sources, including disc players and hard drives or browse through them all simultaneously
  • Hear classical in the den, jazz in the kitchen, and rock in the teen’s room-all at the same time
  • Play songs from your smart phone, radio, XM satellite, internet, or digital music library
  • Custom in-wall and in-ceiling speakers are virtually invisible
  • Have lights turn on automatically to welcome you home
  • Use motion sensors for hands-free illumination in the dark
  • Turn on all the lights with a single touch or voice command
  • Program the lights to shut off automatically when a room is unoccupied
  • Combine lighting with curtain control and the whole house looks lived in even when you are away
  • Replace your current thermostat with an energy efficient Control4 wireless thermostat to keep your home at a more energy efficient temperature while you are out
  • Program shades to close during the brightest hours of the day
  • Use dimmers, timers and occupancy sensors to reduce energy waste
  • Automate pool and sprinkler systems to conserve water
  • Lock every door and arm the alarm, with a single touch or voice command
  • Check on the kids from downstairs or downtown
  • View video feeds from your security webcams anytime, anywhere, from any device
  • Receive a text alert when the Control4 system senses trouble at home
  • Assign temporary security codes for deliveries and service workers

Shultz Audio Video, Welcome to Smarter Living…

As a certified Control4 systems integrator, we understand which products work together. By choosing Shultz Audio Video to be your Control4 systems integrator, you can be confident that your system design will be seamlessly integrated in a way that supports and enhances your lifestyle. No matter how big or small your smart home project is, we have the knowledge, tools, and products to make your smart home dreams come true.

Let Shultz Audio Video be your Control4 Systems Integrator

As a provider of Control4 smart home system Integration Services in San Diego, Shultz Audio Video brings high value to each of our clients enabling, them make their smart home control dreams come to life.

At Shultz Audio Video, our values drive who we are and what we do. We pride ourselves on building one-to-one relationships with each of our clients. We are passionate about providing the very best whole home audio, home theater, and smarthome solutions on the market. At Shultz Audio Video, we think that everyone should enjoy the latest in home media and entertainment technology.

Our promise to you, to provide you with solutions that fit your needs as well as you budget, deliver the solutions that bring your ideas to life, provide you a level of service that makes you feel important because the truth is… you are!

We welcome you to…

Discover, what it is like to live in a home that obeys your every command!

Our team of Home Automation experts can help you bring your smart home control dreams to life. Shultz Audio Video we offer total home solutions and home entertainment designed for the way you live.

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