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Retrofitting your Home for Entertainment

Home Theater San Diego

Whole Home Audio, Entertainment, and Home Theaters

Whether you’re an audio buff, movie lover or gamer… life is more enjoyable when the right music or visuals fill the air. Imagine listening to your favorite songs anywhere in your home. Or better yet, hearing every note from a movie soundtrack as you feel the rumbles of each action sequence the way the director intended. In fact, with the right whole home audio or home theater system installed, you can transform your living space into an exciting experience for your family or your friends.

Whole Home Audio and Entertainment

Entertaining guests? With whole home audio you can transform your entire home with just one touch. And, if music is a part of your lifestyle whole home audio may be just what you are looking for. That’s because whole home audio systems will allow you to play music in any room, from any device or source. This includes services such as Pandora, iTunes, SiriusXM, Internet radio. Or, cue up your digital music collection from with the touch of an app. It’s time for you to relax outside near the pool, or sit by the fireplace listening to your favorite sounds. High definition sound built with the technology Sonos has to offer lets you hear music the way it is supposed to be heard.

Family Room Surround Sound

Enjoy Movies Your Way

There is no better place to enjoy the experience a movie has to offer then in a theater. Watching a movie in a theater enhances everything and lets you experience a movie as if you were actually there. Enhance your senses with a home theater designed for the way you live. Home theaters deliver brilliant visuals, resonating sound and true to life cinematic experiences for the whole family to enjoy. Home theater possibilities are endless with today’s available technology.

Generate the same big, booming audio experience a dedicated home theater has to offer in any room. Whether you’re looking to simply improve the audio coming from your HDTV, or you want to make your seats rumble… the audio video equipment available today can recreate the movie theater experience in any room you choose… all it takes is the right planning, retrofitting, AV contractor and audio visual equipment to make your experience at home one to be enjoyed.

Retrofitting your Home for Entertainment

The key to a successful home technology entertainment project is working with the right company. To retrofit older homes with the latest in integrated home technology we can route wires through attics or walls. And, when necessary wires and cables can be run along the exterior of a home. Retrofit installations require thinking outside of the box. The type of thinking that sees beyond the missing wire and the low vaulted ceilings in your attic. When you are ready to add security, a home theatersurround sound, or automation to your older home call Shultz Audio Video, they are well versed in rough-ins and trim-out tasks and retrofit installations.

Contact us today. We have whole home audio, home theater and surround solutions to fit your lifestyle and your budget. Start living your dream today!