Lutron Lighting Control

Lutron, San Diego

San Diego, are you are looking for ways to reduce energy costs, increase comfort, or manage light control solutions? Lutron lighting control offers the flexibility you need with the energy savings you want. And, it makes integration and connectivity is easy a whole home or single room solution. So, whether you want to control the light and shade levels in one room or many, Lutron makes it easy. For those looking for the power to transform their space with light, Lutron offers your simple way to a smart home.

Lutron Lighting Control: Caséta Wireless

Caséta Wireless is the Lutron system solution that takes the headache out of retrofits. No wiring is necessary, and cutting holes is not required. With a Caséta Wireless Lutron system, you bring all the conveniences of a fully automated control system to your home without the expense of a retrofit. The power of smart lighting is Caséta Wireless.

Caséta Wireless is the smart home solution that enables a perfectly connected system wirelessly. Caséta Wireless brings the convenience of a connected home to your fingertips, with light, shade, and temperature control. Home or away, the power of smart home control is yours with Caséta Wireless.

The Power of Smart Lighting:

  • Caséta Wireless ELV+ Dimmer: The dimmer also includes a favorite button, which recalls a favorite preset level on the dimmer.
  • Lutron & Sonos: Caséta Wireless now seamlessly integrates with the SONOS Home Sound System for simple and convenient control of lights, shades, and sound right at your fingertips. Play music and adjust volume using Pico remote controls or from scenes within the Lutron app.
  • Look like you’re at home even if you’re not: introducing Smart Away a new feature of Caséta® Wireless that randomly turns lights on and off during the evening when you’re not home.
  • Enhanced Apple® HomeKit Functionality: in addition to being able to tell Siri® to “turn my lights on”, you’re now able to adjust your shades by telling Siri to “open my kitchen shades”.

Dim the Lights? Just Say the Word…

Voice Controlled Lighting

Ask Alexa to Turn the Lights On

Caséta Wireless works seamlessly with Alexa to get the lights for you. You or anyone in your family can tell Alexa to turn lights on. Or off, and even dim them to your favorite lighting level. Need to be quiet? Use your Lutron Pico remote for those moments when silence is golden.

Amazon offers a family of products that can work alone or with the Echo. If you want something smaller, more portable, or more TV-focused, these devices have you covered. And they all work with Caséta Wireless to control your lights.

Alexa-Enabled Devices:

  • Fire TV w/Voice Remote
  • Amazon Echo Dot

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